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The McCulloch chainsaw has been designed and manufactured to give the operator a combination of compact weight and extreme power. These chainsaws are extremely durable and built to high quality specifications making them a first choice for many. In the chainsaw market today the Stihl and Husqvarna names always come to the forefront and these brands are where many people begin in their quest to owning a chainsaw.

And indeed many people do not get any further in their search than these top 2 names. Their chainsaws are very good, the accessories are endless and the after service is superb. So who can blame them?

But lying just under the top 2 brand names is McCulloch and people are doing themselves a disservice if they do not at least look at the type of chainsaw that McCulloch manufacturers.

The McCulloch chainsaw is durable, long living, easy to operate, packed with safety features and extremely powerful. In fact when you compare chainsaws the McCulloch chainsaw can quite easily hold it’s own when compared with the top 2 brands. McCulloch does also seem to have customer loyalty. Once one has purchased and used a McCulloch chainsaw they do tend to remain loyal.

Maybe Stihl and Husqvarna are larger companies and have far extending advertising programs to propel them to the forefront of the chainsaw market. But McCulloch lets their chainsaws do the talking for them and we hear would certainly recommend anyone at least to try one out and see how it fairs.





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Founded in 1943 by Robert McCulloch, the McCulloch Motors Corporation has now a history of over 70 years. A few years after formation the company relocated from Wisconsin to California where it manufactured it’s first chainsaw. This chainsaw was a 2 man model named 5-49.


But it was in 1949 that McCulloch revolutionized the chainsaw market with it’s introduction of the light one man chainsaw 3-25. This model proved to be a huge success and allowed McCulloch to grow and expand in to other markets. In 1958 the company changed it’s name to McCullcoh Corporation. As well as producing it’s dynamic chainsaw the company made airplane engines and kart engines.


In 1968 McCulloch again hit the news with it’s Power Mac 6 chainsaw. It weighed 8.5 pounds and was the lightest chainsaw in the world at the time. By 1972 the mini mac 1 was released for the broad consumer market along with their first electric chainsaws.


McCulloch then expanded to include other gardening equipment such as strimmers and hedge trimmers in to it’s portfolio and moved to Tuscon in 1988. In 1999 Husqvarna bought the European division and the rights to the brand name in North America in 2008. Since then McCulloch is a stand alone brand name within the Husqvarna Group.


The fact that Husqvarna wanted to have a part of McCulloch is an accolade in itself for the quality of product that McCulloch makes. And their chainsaw is no exception to this.




McCulloch Chainsaw Parts










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Anti-vibration system


The McCulloch chainsaw has an advanced anti vibration system in it’s design. The chainsaw handles are placed and isolated from the cutting blade and engine. The result of this is less vibration in the user’s arms and hands.


Double Action Chain Brake


With a McCulloch chainsaw you will have one of the safest models on the market. It is fitted with a double action chain brake. So whenever the chain brake is activated the chain will stop. And it doesn’t matter if the chain is vertical or horizontal. The stopping effect is identical.


Automatic Choke


Many times a choke is required to get a chainsaw to start. However it is easy enough to leave the choke out which will result in more fuel use. For the forgetful ones of you out there the McCulloch chainsaw has an auto choke which resets when the throttle is used.


Ergonomic Design


The design of the McCulloch chainsaw is so to give the user optimum comfort when operating it. You will find that the rear handle of the chainsaw is ergonomically designed and all the necessary controls are grouped well together for easy use.




The Environment is of importance to McCulloch. They have a patented technology called EcoBoost which gives greater fuel efficiency, lesser harmful emissions and more power as well.


Soft Start


The chainsaw can be hard to start sometimes. With the McCulloch soft start this is a problem of the past. This soft start actually reduces the resistance in the starter cord by up to a whopping 40%.


Tool Less Chain Tension


Having special tools to tighten or loosen the chainsaw tension is a thing of the past with the McCulloch chainsaw. All you need do is adjust the chain tension by turning a knob. And this is not all.

McCulloch Chainsaw Features




When you buy a chainsaw you want to buy the best and most durable model that you can afford. This way you have a chainsaw that can do all of your work for you whilst remaining reliable. Unfortunately, even with a McCulloch chainsaw, you are going to experience breakdowns of some sort. And this is where having a decent brand like McCulloch helps. If your chainsaw breaks down you may need to get yourself replacement parts to rectify the matter. Even though McCulloch parts are of super quality they do occasionally wear out or break.


Now when a chainsaw breaks down you need to ascertain the problem and work out if it is economically viable to repair the chainsaw or to just replace it. In most cases the repairing option is the way to go. Obtaining spare parts for a McCulloch chainsaw is easy enough to do. They are many tool specialist shops that stock McCulloch parts as well as there being many McCulloch service specialists.


Spare parts can be bought from the shops or via the internet on specialist sites. McCulloch spare parts are priced up at very affordable prices. But do check first to see whether your chainsaw is still under warranty before buying any chainsaw parts. McCulloch give a great warranty with all new chainsaws and the owner will receive new parts throughout the first 12 months of a chainsaw’s life if any of them fail in any capacity.


The warranty does not cover maintenance to a chainsaw though. To properly maintain your McCulloch petrol chainsaw you will need to service it regularly. This will involve buying chainsaw spares such as air filters, spark plugs and fuel filters. Again these are well priced up and are easy enough to obtain.


McCulloch Safety Gear For The Chainsaw


It can not be stressed enough the importance of wearing the correct safety gear when operating a chainsaw. In the wrong hands and with incorrect procedures the chainsaw can be lethal. But with the correct safety gear, personal injury threat is minimized.


This is why many chainsaw manufacturers produce their own lines of safety gear. McCulloch is no exception and produce such items as helmets, gloves, jackets, trousers, boots and ear and eye protection


For a complete look at all the personal protective equipment that McCulloch supplies take a look at their dedicated protective gear page.