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If you find yourself working with tools on a daily basis, such as the moisture meter, you will begin to notice that transporting, sorting and putting your tools away becomes a very time consuming chore that you could do without. If that is so with you, then it is time to invest in a tool box such as the Kennedy tool box. There are many versions of tool boxes out there today on the market place, but time after time and throughout the years, the Kennedy tool box stands out on quality and durability.

A tool box such as the  Kennedy tool box is designed and manufactured with the purpose in mind of organizing, carrying and protecting the owner’s tools whether they be used for trade, hobbies or just general DIY. Modern tool boxes such as the Kennedy tool box are usually made from metal or plastic and provide you with the perfect accessory in which to store your sds drill properly and keep all your sds drill bits in an organized fashion.

In the olden days from the beginning of the 1800’s the choice of material used to make tool boxes was that of wood. There is however a new resurgence in wooden tool boxes mainly for specialised craftsmanship such as jewellers and other fine crafts. These wooden tool boxes have also become a passion for collectors.

In general a tool box such as the Kennedy tool box has a hinged cover which serves as a top and has a handle so the owner can carry the box. This cover will also have latches attached to it, for securing and locking the box. Inside there are usually smaller open compartments to hold and store neatly all the tools. Larger versions of the Kennedy tool box will have a removable tote tray that sits on a flange inside the lip of the box, with just a single compartment under it.

As well as tool boxes for storing your tools, there are tool chests as well. These tend to use slide out drawers or cantilever trays because of the open space they provide. The tool chest is for someone who has a lot of tools and DIY equipment they wish to store and keep in an orderly fashion. The tool chest is very unlikely to have a tote tray even though they do have a hinged top chest storage compartment. Kennedy designs and manufacturers tool cheats as well as the Kennedy tool box and their tool cheats are usually made from metal, but some of their more expensive models are constructed using hardwoods. More often than not the tool chest is sold as a set of rolling bottom chest with an additional stepped in chest resting on the top. A tool chest is designed with wheels, but even with the wheels, they are not considered portable like the Kennedy tool box, because of their sheer size and weight.



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Why A Kennedy Tool Box ?


If you are a DIY enthusiast then there is a high chance that you are always working with tools such as the sds drill on a regular basis. You may work on one particular job around the home such as changing a power socket and use 2 or 3 different tools to do the job. When you have finished you may get distracted by a family member and just leave your tools lying around and eventually forget about them. Then the next job comes along and you find that you cannot find the tools that you need for the job. This is how easy it is to become disorganised and actually misplace or lose tools. Tools can be expensive to buy especially if you are replacing a tool that you already have somewhere, but can't find it.

So just as important to a DIY enthusiast as his or her tools are, is a decent tool box to store your tools and sds drill safely, securely and in an organised manner. Now there are many versions out there on the market place today coming in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as being constructed from different materials. So depending upon the type of work you do, the number and size of tools you actually have and where you will be using the tools all have to be taken in to consideration when choosing to buy a tool box. Once you have ascertained you needs you are half way to choosing the right tool box for you.

Of the many tool box makers out there today there is one maker I would like to draw your attention to. The company is Kennedy and they manufacture a large range of the Kennedy tool box to pretty much meet all requirements in some shape or form. The Kennedy tool box can come either in a plastic or metal form and range from the small cantilever version all the way up to a mobile chest version suitable for mechanical works. The Kennedy range is not cheap to say the least, but for the price you are pretty much guaranteed a tool box that will last a lifetime. Over the years Kennedy has established itself a fantastic reputation of producing high quality products that are extremely well designed and easy to use. There are many cheaper boxes available to buy and if you are working on a tight budget then maybe this is the way to go. But there is such a thing as false economy and you will actually be doing yourself a disservice if you do not at least take a peek at the Kennedy box range. You have invested wisely in a sds drill so protect your investment with a high quality tool box.


Selecting A Kennedy Tool Box


If like many DIY enthusiasts you are always embarking on tasks such as tinkering with the car or constructing something like a bookcase, then the chances are that you are always reaching and fumbling around for a tool of some sort. Maybe you have an urgent need for a wrench or perhaps a Philips screwdriver and you are looking or feeling around for the required tool but cannot locate it. This is the time that realisation strikes and you accept that you need to keep your tools in an organized and easily accessible manner.

And there is no better way to be organised with your tools than to keep them all together in a suitable tool box such as the Kennedy tool box. Before running out to the nearest DIY outlet and buying the first tool box you see, you should really consider the type of tools you will be storing in it. Then you should consider the type of tool box that suits you best. Remember the range of tool boxes out there is vast with different shapes and sizes as well as different price tags. Purchasing a good tool box is not cheap so choosing the correct one for you is essential. Remember the tool box should give you a life time of use if taken care of properly. So when making a once in a lifetime purchase, you want to make the correct purchase.

The frequency that you will use your tool box is a question you must ask yourself. If you are only an infrequent user of tools then a plastic tool box is perfectly adequate for you to protect and keep your tools in an organised fashion. However if you use tools on a frequent basis for working on you car for instance, then it is better for you to buy a steel tool box which is tougher and made to withstand more use. The kennedy tool box can be found in both plastic and metal versions.

The types of tools that you will be keeping in your tool box will be a big deciding factor in the type of tool box that you require. If you just have the basic tools such as a hammer, screwdrivers and nails and screws then you do not have that much to accommodate so you will be looking for a box that does not have such a great amount of space in. However if such tools as wrenches, sockets, air tools and timing lights are a part of you DIY equipment then space is a necessity for you, so a bigger box preferably of steel is what you should be going for. Again with Kennedy though, they have taken all these considerations to hand and the Kennedy tool box range comes is a vast array of shapes and sizes. One little tip here though is that if you have a large tool box, even if you have only a few tools, storing and organizing you tools is very simple. Because of the space you are able to see and locate any specific tool very easily. This will save you time and any annoyances of not finding what you are looking for.

The type of locking system is also another consideration you need to take onboard. Maybe you have inquisitive children at home and a tool box full of tools could prove to be a treasure trove to them. Remember children do as you do and not what you say. So if your child has seen you using a tool, he or she will want to try it out. This could prove to be safety risk as well as the possibility of your tools being misplaced and lost.

Tools are not cheap to replace and you tend to only realise that they are missing when you most require them. Older versions of the tool box tend to use a padlock to secure them if they do indeed have any options for security. Newer boxes and particularly the more expensive types are fitted with very good locking systems or even self locking drawers for maximum security. Depending upon which Kennedy tool box you opt for, all the modern day versions come with some sort of fitted security to keep you tools locked away and safe. So check out all there options.

The storage capacity of the tool box is something else you need to consider. When you are not working with your tools where will you be storing the box? Will it be kept in a basement or perhaps in a safe place in your garage. And will you be requiring the box frequently or keep it permanently on hand in your vehicle. You need the answers to these to help you ascertain the right box for you. For example a steel box is very durable but there are disadvantages to it as well. If a steel box is exposed to hot direct sunlight the tools inside will become too hot to handle and work with if you are bare handed. And the same but opposite spectrum if the box is exposed to severe cold temperatures. If these 2 problems are something that you must deal with the  polyproylene box could be a choice for you. They are long lasting, durable and will not rust whilst being able to cope with all weather conditions.

So answering all the above questions to yourself will give you a pretty good ideas as to which type of tool box you require. Kennedy realise that all people are not the same and have different requirements. Hence they have established a fantastic range of the Kennedy tool box to ensure there is one particular box to suit even the most stringent of requirements. All that is left for you to decide then are the mere cosmetics of the box. By this we mean any accessories, features. Looks and colours etc.


Tool Box vs Tool Chest


As well as designing, manufacturing and supplying the Kennedy Tool box, the Kennedy company also has the tool chest in it’s portfolio. The tool chest and toolbox are mistakenly considered by many to be the same thing. Yes they both hold and keep tools organised but there is a significant difference between the two.

Historically both toolboxes and tool chests have been around for centuries. Originally they were constructed out of wood and specifically designed for particular skilled tradesmen in a variety of professions such as machinists, needle workers and piano makers to name just a couple. The size of these toolboxes and chests, as well as their design and function, were dependant upon the use required from them. Many were quite unique in design, but the more conventional types have evolved in to the modern day tool box or tool cheat.

The modern day toolbox, such as the Kennedy tool box, are usually made from metal or plastic. Most of us have some sort of tools around our homes and the safest and most convenient way to store them and keep them organised is to have a tool box. Usually the tool box has a hinged lid that closes shut with a latch and a handle on the top to assist in portability when you need to take your tools with you. On opening a tool box and revealing the inside, you should be greeted with a removable tray that rests on a the inside flange. Underneath this tray is a larger space for holding larger tools and those tools you do not use so frequently.

Some of the tool boxes can be opened from the middle because they have 2 hinges. On opening there are smaller trays that are too hinged and attached to the lid. There is no removable tray and just an open compartment inside. This is known as the cantilever design and is found on most versions of the metal tool box.

Tool chests on the other hand are a larger version of the tool box. They are too used to hold and organise tools, but on a larger scale. Machinists and mechanics find them particularly suitable. They too will have a hinged and latching lid with a top handle. However they do not have large storage compartment underneath. Replacing the open storage compartment is a large chest containing multiple slide out draws. These draws are usually just a couple on inches deep and are perfect for storing specific tools in a specific way. The real benefit of the toll chest is that you can pull out a drawer and immediately see what is inside it. This makes tool selection so much easier and quicker and a lot more time saving than rummaging around in the bottom of a tool box trying to find the tool you require.

Because tool chests are larger than the tool box, they are much heavier. They are not something you can carry around with you to do small jobs. But they do provide excellent storage caåabilities for your sds drill and sds drill bits. They require a place to stand, such as in a garage or the back of a work vehicle. In order to improve mobility some versions of the tool chest are fitted with wheels. These are known as rolling chests. These versions can be even bigger and accommodate larger and more tools in their bottom drawers which are larger and deeper. And because they have wheels they can be easily moved, making them ideal for work shops. But don’t think they are portable.

Depending upon your requirements though a smaller tool chest can be sold separately from the larger base unit. They can also be bought as a set where the smaller tool chest is designed to fit on top of the bottom chest. This is quite functional as all your favourite and most used tools can be stored in the top unit, whilst the larger and infrequently used tools can be stored in the base unit. Most tool chests are made from a metal of some sort whereas the tool box can be metal, wood or plastic.

Whether you opt for a tool box or a tool chest is down to your personal requirements. If you are someone who just has a small number of tools and infrequently uses them on small DIY jobs around the home, then the smaller Kennedy tool box is ideal for you. If you like to work on cars in your spare time then you will have socket sets and such. Here the tool chest comes in to it’s element. It can sit in the corner of your garage and hold all of your sockets in order in it’s drawers. The more tools you own and the more you use them, the tool chest is the way to go.

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Types of Kennedy Tool Box


Tool boxes on the whole are generally constructed out of stainless steel, aluminium or plastic. Whichever tool box and the material it is constructed from is entirely up to you and your preferences.

All tool boxes are in some way or other portable. It depends upon how many tools and the weight of your equipment as to how portable the Kennedy tool box is. If you have many tools and the weight is high, then you do not want to be lugging the tool box around with you too much. Then the use of wheels or separate carrying compartments come to the forefront. Another option to the Kennedy tool box is the tool box cart which is ideal for those of you that have many tools.

Most tool boxes can be locked and are supplied with a lock and key. However always check your purchase to make sure this is the case. Many new tool boxes are not supplied with a key and lock and you will need to make an additional purchase. The latches on a Kennedy tool box show the quality of the box. They are designed and manufactured to last the test of time. They are also rust resistant. Many tool boxes out there do not have rust resistant latches which is a shame. Rust resistant latches allow the box to open easily every time, even in wet conditions.

Practicality is another benefit of owning a Kennedy tool box. It is ideal to have a tool box that has removable trays inside it. With these removable trays you are able to carry you most needed tools around with you instead of struggling with the whole tool box. There is no point in making more work for yourself when you need not to.

The price of tool boxes can range quite widely. The usual thought here is you only get what you pay for. It is not a stamp on that the most expensive box is the best quality one, but it wont be far from it. The Kennedy tool box range are very nicely priced and offer great quality and innovation. You wont go far wrong by investing in a Kennedy tool box.

To search out a new Kennedy tool box you can visit your local DIY store and see the items in real life or even search the internet for a vast array. Whichever route you choose to locate your Kennedy tool box, you will come across a wide variety, each and everyone of them designed and manufactured to service you properly and last for many many years.


Accessories For The Kennedy Tool Box


If you have purchased a Kennedy tool box or Kennedy tool chest for your sds drill and sds drill bits, one of the deciding factors in your decision making was that you were buying a high quality product that has been designed to last. Kennedy strive to make excellent products and their back up accessories for your Kennedy tool box are no exception to this. Lets say that you are an avid DIY enthusiast and use your tools on a frequent basis. This means that you are taking your Kennedy tool box to many places and taking out and putting back your tools in it on a frequent basis. This can be classified as wear and tear on your tool box and inevitably the box will get scratched and adopt a worn appearance. If you do not like your box t look worn, Kennedy have touch up spray on paints that you can use to restore your Kennedy tool back  to it’s original appearance.

Potential breakage problems have also not been overlooked by Kennedy. Even though the Kennedy tool box has been designed to last the most stringent of uses some parts may break on their tool boxes or chests. If any of your castors or sliders just simply wear out then you do not need  to despair and rush out to buy a new tool box. Kennedy has a huge portfolio of spare casters and slides to fit every single Kennedy tool box and tool chest. These can be ordered directly from Kennedy or be found at a decent DIY outlet. The same is applicable with drawer pulls and handles. When you buy a new Kennedy tool box there should be some advertising literature with it that you should keep. It highlights all the accessories that can be purchased for your tool box.

If the Kennedy tool box is not completely how you wish it to be for accessibility or storing your tools, there are many accessories that can be bought to enhance it, These accessories include drawer organizers, draw liners and miscellaneous add ons. Consider your Kennedy tool box as a blank canvas. You have one of the best canvas’s in the world as your starting point and with add ons such as the screw driver tray or hang on storage rack you will end up with a masterpiece.