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Petrol strimmers, brush cutters, strimmers and other such gardening tools as the garden vac are useful for the maintenance of your garden and lawn. They can assist you with strimming, cutting and maintaining your lawn. Their uses do not end there and many people use them to also maintain their driveways and all garden paths. In a nutshell, they are machines that no serious gardener can do without.

These gardening machines though are not cheap to buy, with good quality models actually being very expensive. They are an investment and investments need to be taken care of. The correct maintenance is always essential. The correct storage procedures are often overlooked with dire consequences resulting. A petrol strimmer stored incorrectly, for example, just lying on the floor of your shed or garage can result in fuel leakage or a hazard that can be tripped over on or in fact stepped upon and broken.

The majority of petrol strimmers and strimmers have a circular handle at the top end of the shaft. If not then your particular model will at least have a handhold situated somewhere along the shaft. Both of these provide you with options of being able to hang your tool and keep it off the floor area of your chosen storage space.

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Extech MO210 Pocket

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Boat Moisture Meter








A moisture meter proves itself to be a useful tool when testing the moisture content levels of boat materials. When assessing a boat, care, judgement and experience should all be employed and then the moisture meter used as the last tool to give the final assessment. Boat moisture meter



Need A Chainsaw For Firewood?





The petrol chainsaw is used to fell trees, as well as for pruning and cutting overgrowth. Tree surgeons favour the petrol chainsaw and use it for cutting away branches and foliage. Firewood logs


Orchid Moisture Meter






The orchid belongs to a widespread and very diverse family of flowering plants which have fragrant and colourful blooms. Orchids can be found in pretty much every habitat. Plant moisture meter


Caravan Moisture Meter






Any caravan that is kept open to the elements all year round can become very susceptible to damp and damp related problems if proper precautions are not taken to prevent this. Caravan moisture meter


Garden Moisture Meter









The garden moisture meter helps any avid gardener to measure and monitor many different conditions to ensure that they can maintain healthy growing conditions for both indoor as well as outdoor plants. In order to have healthy thriving plants Plant moisture meter


Storing Petrol Strimmers And Strimmers correctly

Utility Hooks

These are versatile hooks that can be used to hang your petrol strimmer or other such garden tools. They are simple enough to set up. What you need to do is to pre drill the correct sized hole in to a ceiling joist or a support ledge between 2 studs, depending where you wish to have the storage facility. Screw in your hooks and basically that is all there is to do. There are cup hooks, rubber coated hooks and even heavy duty hooks available for you to choose from. For petrol strimmers though we suggest you opt for the heavy duty hooks.


Utility Wall Clips.

These work in the same manner as utility hooks and are set up in the same way. The only difference being is that you situate them on the wall of your shed or garage, instead of in the ceiling. The options available to you are a wall or spring clip. Either works just as well but we do prefer the spring clip version. With these you can pull the clip out and attach the handle of your petrol strimmer to it.

Wall Brackets.

Wall brackets for petrol strimmers can be found in decent DIY superstores. You attach them to the wall of your chosen storage facility using screws and plugs that are provided. They have been designed for the hanging of garden power tools such as petrol strimmers and lawn mowers. They are strong and reliable when set up correctly.

Organizing Garden Tools


As any experienced gardener knows, gardening tools are invaluable when it comes to working in your pride and joy. However these tools are only useful when you can actually identify them and find them! If you do not organise your tools properly, rest assured you will have stress and headaches trying to locate them amongst a heap of misplaced tools. So whether you store your gardening tools and equipment in a shed or the garage, always keep them in an orderly fashion with clear access ways to them all.

Buy A Pegboard

Storing gardening tools should be done in the same manner as tools in a professional workshop. Using a pegboard will achieve this whilst keeping any floor space free. This is ideal if you have a small storage area. A pegboard can be purchased from any decent DIY outlet and is easy to set up, just attaching it to a wall. Once attached, mounting brackets for specific gardening tools can be used with the pegboard to hold any tools you wish. On the safety front the pegboard is ideal as you can store tools out of reach from young children and if you do lose any tools then they are easy to distinguish by the fact that they are not in their allocated position on the pegboard. The pegboard will keep your gardening tools in an orderly fashion and assist you quickly in locating a particular tool by displaying them all in a very clear and visual manner.

Power Tools

Petrol strimmers, strimmers and other power tools such as the garden vac should always be stored at the front of your shed or garage for easy access to them. However do not store them on the floor as this will deny you clear access to your storage space. If stored on the floor, power tools run the risk of leaking fuel as wel as being in harms way of anyone who enters your storage facility. Always hang your gardening power tools up from the roof or wall. You can use hooks or wall brackets to do this as mentioned earlier on this page. Any power tool such as a strimmer or lawn mower that is buried at the back of your garage or shed will drive you nuts as each time you require it you will have to remove half the shed’s contents to just get to it. Not practical and definitely not fun!

Access To Gardening Tools

The best way to do this is to simply store the tools that you use the most allowing you immediate and easy access to them. Gardening tools such as the trowel or hand fork are used frequently in the Spring and Summer. But for the rest of the year you hardly have use for them. So plan and organize your gardening tools with this kind of example in mind. For tools that you use yearly, you should store these in an out of the way manner. You can use a pegboard or some sort of shelving for these. For gardening tools you use all year round, store them on a low shelf or even in a bucket so you can easily pull them out when you require them.

Storing Chemicals

When it comes to your garden fertilizer or other chemical based products such as lawn sand, you should always store and organize them in locked cabinets or on high shelves out of harms way. You may not consider these to be tools in the way that tools are, but these chemicals are garden tools of a such as you use them to maintain your garden or yard. The products we are referring to here are weed remover products and fertilizers or in fact any such chemical based products that can do harm if consumed. We favour a locked cabinet as this prevents any accidental spillage or knocking over where pets or children can have access to the contents.

Garden Tool Storage Solution

Once bitten by the gardening bug, gardener’s tend to develop a habit of buying gardening tools and gardening machinery without any consideration of where to store them once they get them home. Yes at first they can be stored in a small redundant corner somewhere in the home, but before too long this corner enlarges itself and the tools encroach upon normal day to day living and become a hindrance. Many buy tools and just leave them outside in the flower beds or some other part of the garden. But weather will damage them and if you have young children playing in your garden then they can pose a safety issue. So when this familiar situation affects you it is time to invest in a storage shed.

The storage shed is perfect for storing and protecting all of your gardening tools and equipment. They will keep everything in tip top condition even if they are not used for an extended period of time. The storage shed comes in shed kits that are either made of wood, metal or plastic. The wood kits are an excellent choice for the garden because of their appearance and ability to blend in. However they can be expensive depending on which model you choose. And it is also worth remembering that a wooden shed does require a lot of maintenance with varnishing and protective coatings etc.

Metal shed kits are the top end when it comes to expense. But they will last a long time and in most cases will outlive the wooden version. If you are looking for a shed to protect gardening equipment such as strimmers and petrol strimmer from the elements then the metal version is the way to go. Plastic shed kits on the other hand are yet to convince. Many people dismiss them simply because of their appearance.

However they are the cheapest version which helps your wallet and are very easy to set up because they are lightweight. These plastic sheds are also very durable, particularly the models supplied by a company called Rubbermaid, where they construct their sheds using poly resin plastic.

For those of you who do keep buying new gardening tools, then some sort of storage solution is essential. To have a shed of some sort in your garden makes sense. As to which shed, well that is down to personal preference, requirements and of course financial issues. We here at petrol strimmer would label the “perfect” garden shed as one that contains the best elements combined from the wood, metal and plastic sheds all put together. W e would wish to have the look of wood, security matters of the metal and the durability qualities of the poly resin plastic. Unfortunately at this moment of writing, the “perfect” shed still does not exist. However in time we are sure that it will.