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Beech Tree

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Beech Tree Habitat

The beech tree successfully grows in a wide range of soil types just as long as they are not waterlogged. They provide dense shade and drop a dense leaf litter for a carpet effect.

In North America you will often find forests where the beech tree is partnered by the Sugar maple.

One severe pest to the beech tree is the beech blight aphid. Lepidoptera also feed on beech trees and damage them greatly.

One noteable characteristic of the beech tree is that its bark is very thin and does scare easily.

Beech bark disease is a fungal infection that can cause the demise of the tree. It is passed on to the tree from scale insects.


Beech Tree Wood Uses


Without a doubt beech wood makes an excellent firewood which can be easily split and does burn for a long time with bright, yet calm flames.

Beech wood chips are used in the brewing process of Budweiser beer as a fining agent. In Germany beech logs are burned to dry out malts for German smoked beers.

Beech is used in the smoking process of Westhalian ham, some sausages and cheeses.

The most popular woods used to make drums are maple and birch. Beech is used sometimes because it has a tone between maple and birch.

European beech has a tough timber which is used in furniture making, flooring and plywood. It is strong enough to be used for chalet building and with the construction of houses and log cabins.

Beech nuts are the fruit of the beech tree and are found in small burrs on the ground in Autmn time. They have a high fat content so can be squeezed for their oil. Beech leaves when fresh can be a nice addition to any salad tasting a little like cabbage.

Beechleaf noyau is a liquor made from dropping young beech tree leaves in to gin for a few works and then straining the liquor.











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There are about 600 species of the oak tree native to the Northern Hemisphere. They include decidious and evergreen Oak tree

Douglas Fir





The Douglas Fir, which is also known as the Oregon pine or Douglas spruce douglas fir tree












The beech tree is a decidious tree and belongs to the fagaceae family. It is a native tree to Europe beech tree






Elm trees are deciduous and semi-deciduous and belong to the plant family Ulmaceae elm tree







Hickory is a tree from the genus Carya. This genus has 19 species hickory tree



Which Is The Best Firewood?






It is a good and important question to ask. There are differences between how different types of firewoods burn. Suitable firewood

The beech tree is a decidious tree and belongs to the fagaceae family. It is a native tree to Europe, Asia and North America. There are 2 distinct subgenera of the beech tree; Engleriana and Fagus. Engleriana are only found in East Asia and are low branching trees that have several trunks with yellowish bark. They have a whiteish bloom which can be seen on the underside of the leaves. Fagus are tall trees that are high branching and have a silver grey bark.

The most commonly cultivated beech tree is the European beech. The leaves of the trees are sparsely toothed and beech trees are monoecious and produce both male and female flowers. The female flowers are borne in pairs and the male flower is the catkin. These flowers are produce in springtime. The bark of the European beech is very smooth and a light grey in colour. The fruit produced by the tree is a 3 angled nut which is edible, but does have a bitter taste to it because of the high tannin content.




Beech tree in United Kingdom

Originally a late entrant after glaciation. Was firstly restricted to just basic soils in the South of England. It is believed that it was the Neolithic tribes who introduced the beech tree because of their edible nuts. In Ireland the beech tree was not native, but it was planted extensively during the 18th century. These days beech is often planted for hedging.



Beech trees grow naturally in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Because the beech tree is a naturally growing forest tree it can mark the border between European deciduous forest zone and the northern pine forest zone which helps wildlife and fauna. This border line is clear along the Swedish western coastline.


North America

The American beech is found pretty much all over the Eastern United States and southeastern Canada. It can cope with hotter climates than the European beech and is a prized tree for its products.



There are 5 species of Fagus in East Asia. Only the crenata is planted in Western countries, but only occasionally. Japanes beech is one of the most common hardwoods used comercially.





Beech tree bark disease

Beech blight aphid

The maple tree has a family of its own, Aceraceae, or together with the Hippocastanaceae family. maple tree

Pines are conifer trees belonging to the genus Pinus. There are around about 125 species of the pine tree. pine tree