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Wagner C575 Concrete Moisture Meter


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Provides an initial indication of moisture content in concrete


Measurement depth of 0.75 in


Has sensing area is 1.5 in x 2.5 in.


Will reads thickness from 0.75


Effective protective coating on the sensor plate




Relative readings for concrete


Analog Display


Measurement Scale - 0 - 20










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The Wagner C575 moisture meter is a specialist meter designed for testing the moisture content of concrete and concrete slabs. Those that tend to use one are involved in flooring installation and the contractor & inspector aspect of the building industry.

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Length       4 9/16”


Width        2 ¾”


Height        1 1/16”


Weight       0.39 lbs


Power        9 volt battery

The Wagner C575 concrete moisture meter is a meter to use to give yourself an initial indication of what the moisture content is in the selected concrete. However you need to know that the reading on this meter is a relative reading and the actual percentage given in the result will not be the exact result and give you the correct moisture content in the concrete. What the relative readings will provide are to determine whether or not more testing for moisture is required on the concrete or concrete slabs.


This concrete moisture meter has the Wagner electromagnetic wave technology that will give you a quick initial indication of the moisture content in the concrete. It is pocket sized, lightweight and the analogue display is very clear and concise.

Using The Wagner C575 Moisture Meter



The Wagner C575 is a hand held moisture meter that is used to give you a quick assessment of the drying patterns of concrete. The device will give you an average moisture content within a specific area and depth. But you should never take these readings as a proper result in deciding whether or not the concrete is dry enough for you to install a floor covering.


This meter is a tough cookie and very rugged. Will last for many years if taken care of properly. Do not expose it to extreme temperatures and clean it with a soft damp rag after every use. To maintain your moisture meter always store it properly. You need to avoid storage places that are very hot or very cold and always store the meter in it’s carry case. Your moisture meter will have been calibrated at the Wagner factory and not re-calibration again. However if problems or issues do occur and you need a calibration adjustment, then the meter must be returned to the Wagner factory to be re-calibrated properly.


To operate the C575 turn it on with the on button and press the bottom of the meter on to the concrete. The surface of the concrete should be brushed clean of any debris before taking a reading. If the concrete has a rough surface you need to take several readings very close to one another and if these readings vary at all then opt for the highest reading. The results with concrete can be affected by the type of aggregate used in the concrete as it may contain metals such as iron. This will result in a higher reading.


The final readings are relative and do help you compare moisture levels in concrete in different locations. The results will also provide you with the information where further moisture content tests need to be taken.

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