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Larger root cutter, small branch cutter, wire cutters, grafting knife, sharpening stone, bark remover, hooked knife and copper wire.

Bonsai tool sets can be purchased from Amazon via the internet. They have a vast range of bonsai tool sets all complete in their own way. Take a look and Im sure you will find a tool set ideal for your requirements.



Many of the tools that have Japanese origin for working with bonsai are now available worldwide. Some of the tools have a unique design and most are designed for specific working tasks. Any other tools required will depend upon the skills of the user and the scope of work they plan to undertake.

Bonsai tools can be purchased separately or in a tool set that can extend to over 40 pieces of equipment. If you are a beginner then you dont really want to be buying expensive tools if you can find similar and cheaper alternatives from a general gardening tool range. Themost important tools for a bonsai grower are;



A pair of long handled leaf and twig pruners are essential and used to control the height and shape of your bonsai with light pruning. These scissors will be far superior to the usual garden secateurs as they allow the user to get in to those hard to reach places. You must always keep these scissors sharp and clean for optimum use.

A heavy duty pair of scissors are also required for root pruning. When you use these in sandy soil they will blunt rather quickly so will require sharpening on a regular basis. After each use these scissors should be cleaned, dried and then sprayed with a rust resistant oil before storing them. These scissors are generally known as root pruning shears.

Potting Sticks

These potting sticks come in different sizes depending on the type of work they are required for. An ideal substitute for the beginner is to use a knitting needle or meat skewer. What they are used for is totake soil away from the root ball to allow one to root prune more easily.


This is a multi use tool. At one end is a fork set at right angles to the handle. At the other end is a trowel. The fork is used for removing soil and staightening out roots. The trowel end is used for shaping and smoothing out the soil after repotting.


A general purpose knife is a very useful tool with repotting work. It can be run around the edge of a pot to help with easy removal of the plant. It can make removing moss alot simpler and of course can be used for any cutting requirements.


These are also a multi purpose tool. One end will be a small trowel to shape and remove soil. The other end will be a pair of tweezers used to remove sharp leaves and any insects.

Branch Cutters

These are specific tools designed for the removal of branches. They are better than most cutting instruments and have the capability of removing a branch completely and leaving just a neat concave depression. They are expensive to buy but should last a lifetime if proper care is taken with them.

Soil Scoops

Used to scoop soil and transfer soil to a bonsai pot. More efficient and cleaner than using hands.


Can be referred to as a mossing brush. It is made from coconut fibre and is used for smoothing out soil and cleaning moss surfaces. The coconut fibres can vary with softer ones being ideal for the moss sweeping.

Moisture Meter

Maintaining the correct soil moisture content fro growing bonsai is vital. You can of course use the feel method of ascertaining whether bonsai soil has dried out or not, but this is hardly accurate and mistakes can be made. Using a bonsai moisture meter will give you more accurate results and reliability. For a more detailed write up on the bonsai moisture meter check out the specific page on this site. Bonsai moisture meter >





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