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Timber affected by wet rot will usually feel soft and spongy

Visual signs of fungus on the timber

When the affected timber is dryit will crack and crumble

In certain cases the timber will bleach

There will be a musty smell

Affected timber will usually be darker in colour than the surrounding healthy timber




Wet Rot



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Despite the fact that wet rot is not as hard to eradicate as dry rot, it does occur more in buildings than dry rot. Wet rot can cause you severe problems and damage in your home.

What wet rot does is attack your timbers in damp conditions and cause structural problems and defects. If left untreated the results can be devasting and be a huge financial burden.

For wet rot to grow a regular source of moisture is required. So if you have moisture content problems in your building that affect your timbers the potential for wet rot spores to germinate and grow is huge. The result will be your timber losing its strength.

Wet rot is both bad smelling and very unsightly. If left unattended it will flourish at a great rate. You timber will weaken and become unsafe.Detecting wet rot is not an exact process because there are many forms of wet rot which affect timber in both similar and different ways.



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Signs Of Wet Rot

White Rot (Donkioporia expansa)


Brown Rot (Fibroporia vaillantii)


Brown Rot (Coniophora puteana)


How To Fix Wet Rot Problems


The most important step in wet rot treatment is to get rid of the moisture source which allows the fungus to thrive. You can locate the moisture source using your building moisture meter.

Once located you need to rectify this moisture problem and ensure that the surrounding area is dried out.

If you do not do this properly you will have yourself another wet rot spread.

After dealing with the moisture issue you then need to work with the timber. For a small wet rot outbreak you may well only have to remove a small piece of timber which is affected.

Just simply cut it away and replace it with a new piece of wood that has been treated by fungicide treatment.

For larger problems whole timber frames may have to be removed and replaced with new treated timber.

After replacing any timber you should use a wet rot treatment chemical spray on the new timber to help ensure that any wet rot infestation has been properly eradicated.

If you do not wish to carry out the treatment work yourself then it is advisable to find yourself a properly qualified and recommended timber worker who will do the job for you in a most professional way.