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Moisture Meter For Testing Veneer

Veneer Moisture Meter

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Types Of Veneer


Raw Veneer This veneer has no backing to it so either side of it can be face up. Worth remembering though, that despite the fact either side can be used as a face, both sides will differ in appearance when a finish is applied. This is because of the cell structure of the wood.

Paper backed veneer This is veneer that is backed with paper. Because of the paper backing large sizes and sheets of the veneer can be made.

Phenolic backed veneer This veneer is used for composite wood veneers. It is available in large sheets and will not crack when used on curves.

Laid up veneer This is raw veneer that has been joined together to form larger pieces of veneer. A difficult process that takes a lot of time and carried out bt veneer companies.

Reconstitued veneer This veneer is made from tropical species which are fast growing. Raw veneer will be cut from a log and then dyed if required. The sheets will then be laminated together which will form a block. This block is then sliced and the edges of the laminated veneer become the grain of the veneer.

Two ply veneer This veneer is a decorative wood veneer face with a utility grade wood backer that has been applied at an opposing direction to the face veneer.


Wood moisture meter

Concrete moisture meter

Veneer is very thin slices of wood usually thinner than 3 mm. They are usually glued on to core panels to produce a nice finish on items such as doors, floors and furniture. Veneer is also used in marquetry. Veneer beading is a thin layer of edging that is decorative and used on such items as jewellry boxes.

To obtain veneer one must either peel the trunk of a tree or slice the tree trunk to make flitches. The equipment used to make veneer are the rotary lathe, slicing machine and the half round lathe. Each particular piece of equipment will give different types of veneer. When slicing veneer the grain will distort to give distict patterns in the veneer.

For the production of veneer only the rarest and best logs are used. Veneers are cut so thin and depending on the cutting process, very little wood is wasted.



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Large LCD display

Large sensor plate

Fast select SG switch

Measures veneer sheets 1 - 2 mm thick

Dimensions 4.8 x 2.4 x 1 inches

Weight 6 oz




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The Merlin HM8-WS1 handheld moisture meter has been specially designed and manufactured for the use of testing moisture content in wood veneer. The advantage of this particular moisture meter is that it can measure moisture content levels in single sheets of veneer of 1-2 mm in thickness. There are a lot of wood moisture meters out there that cannot do this and can only be used on a stack of veneer and not single sheets.

Boat Moisture Meter








A moisture meter proves itself to be a useful tool when testing the moisture content levels of boat materials. When assessing a boat, care, judgement and experience should all be employed and then the moisture meter used as the last tool to give the final assessment. Fibreglass moisture meter



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Veneer is recyclable and renewable and will extend the life of a piece of timber. Veneer is non toxic and it stores carbon and also maximises the usage of any harvested wood. You can buy veneer by the square foot and because you can join veneer you will always have very little wastage. It is possible to buy small packets of veneer which have been sequence matched and are ideal for any small projects.

Birds Eye Veneer

Burls/Burr Veneer

Pomelle Veneer

Quilted Veneer

Figured Veneer

Flame Veneer