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Husqvarna 450e Chainsaw





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The Husqvarna 450e petrol chainsaw is based upon the 440e model but with a more powerful 50 cc engine. The engine is X-Torq fitted with the Smart start system ensuring a chainsaw that is very easy to start, economic with fuel consumption and kind to the environment with low emissions. Because of it’s features and power levels the Husqvarna 450e is a very professional quality chainsaw that comes with a very reasonable price tag.

This chainsaw is easy to use and very comfortable in the hands with the Lowvib system and the ergonomic handle placement. The body is slim and sleek looking and low weight allowing you to use it easily enough for extended periods of time. Other features include the gear driven chain oil pump which ensures efficient oil delivery and the inertia chain brake which stops the chain immediately in precarious situations such as kick back. On the maintenance front this chainsaw requires less air filter maintenance than most other brands. Add the Husqvarna quality build to all these features and here is a chainsaw that can be used by the smallholder yet have the capacity to be able to step up for bigger tasks.




Centrifugal air cleaning system


Quick release air filter


Ergonomic rear handle


3 piece crankshaft


Snap lock on cover for cylinder


Felling marks


X-Torq engine


Choke/stop control combined


LowVib that absorbs vibrations and saves your arms


Fuel pump that is designed for easy starting


Inertia chain brake for safety


Visible fuel level


2 stroke engine


Maximum speed 9600 rpm


Bar length 33-50 cm


Weight 5.1 KG















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