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Coffee Moisture Meter

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Coffee Drying

Before any coffee is shipped it has to be dried and tested with a coffee moisture meter. Approximately 60 % of moisture has to be dried out to give the necessary 12 % moisture content level. Most coffee is dried out on asphalt or concrete patios and then transferred to mechanical dryers. Coffee on the drying patios will be shaped in long rows that are not more than 5 cm in height and these rows will be shifted every 30 minutes or so. Between each row, bare ground is exposed to the sun to heat it up and then the rows are shifted on to this hot ground to speed up the drying out process. As well as speeding up the drying process this method alsoprevents fermentation and elimates the risk of mouldy beans developing.

Coffee dried solely on patios will take about 7 days for washed coffees, 9 days for pulped naturals and anything up to 2 weeks for natural coffees. In general though coffee is usually dried to about 15% moisture content with the pation method and then transferred to mechanical dryers. When coffee has reached a 25% moisture content level one can store it overnight and cover it with cotton cloth to allow it to breathe. In case of rain one can use plastic covers to cover it, but should never be covered with burlap sacks as the burlap flavour will infuse the coffee bean and give a distinct burlap flavour and aroma.


Coffee Storage

Coffee has to be stored in cool and dry conditions. Exposure to sun or exposure to moisture will deteriorate the coffee rapidly. If stored in pergamino coffee will be preserved. Burlap bags are often used for coffee storage becuase of their air flow properties and the fact that they preserve coffee longer than paper or plastic bags. However burlap can affect the taste and aroma of the coffee if they are not properly aired out before the coffee is placed in them.

Coffee seeds will survive for over 2 years providing they are stored at 15 C with 41% moisture content inside an airtight polythene bag. The coffee moisture meter proves to be a vital piece of equipment here when testing for the 41% moisture content level.

The whole coffee bean will maintain its freshness the longest. Ground coffee loses its freshness in minutes after being grounded.





Wood moisture meter

Concrete moisture meter

Most coffees need to be dried to have a moisture content level of 12%. The moisture content levels of the coffee has a large impact on storage considerations and the final selling price of the coffee bean because coffee is usually bought by weight. The more moisture in the coffee bean, the more it will weigh. Coffee roasters also need to know moisture levels in beans before they roast.

The traditional method of measuring moisture in coffee is that of the oven method. Here whole beans are heated at a low temperature for about 24 hours in a electric laboratory. At 105 C moisture is dried away whilst the oils and compounds of the coffee remain intact. But the oven method is very time consuming and cumbersome. A versatile alternative to the oven method is thermo-gravimetrics where the coffee is heated and weighed at the same time. But the quickest and easiest method to test the moisture content is with a coffee moisture meter.




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Agratronix Coffee Moisture Tester

This Agratronix coffee moisture meter is a very easy instrument to operate and can be used with both green and parchment coffee beans. It has the added benefit of being more accurate than most scoop type testers.

There is a choice of using the meter in basic mode or you can opt for the more precise calibration mode which will match local elevator table moisture testers. The display is backlit and the higher frequency capacitive circuit ensures the accuracy you require.

The benefits of using this Agratronic moisture meter over other moisture measuring alternatives are accuracy, ease of use and testing, portability and a multilingual display.




Moisture range for green coffee 7 - 35%

Moisture range for parchment coffee 8 - 38%

Temp range 0 - 45 C

Display resolution 0.1% of moisture

Requires 2 x 9 volt batteries

For a more informative write up on the Agratronix Coffee Tester check out the specific product page on this site >>