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Delmhorst J-2000 Digital Wood Moisture Meter


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Digital display


Use with 48 different wood species


Accumulates up to 100 readings


Moisture range of 6% - 40%


Built in calibration


Built in connector


Integral pins


Depth measurement 5/16th inch


Precision 0.1%


Micro controller circuit


LCD display


Pin meter


Very ergonomic design








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The Delmhorst J-2000 moisture meter is a great tool for any serious woodworker or people involved with working with wood in any capacity. This particular moisture meter is extremely accurate making it a very reliable tool to have. It is capable of giving moisture readings for 48 different species of wood. The moisture meter can also correct itself for any changes in temperature so can be used in room temperature and even in an extreme environment such as a kiln. It is a pin type moisture meter that can take surface readings and core readings. A superb moisture meter for those serious about wood.

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Length       8”


Width        3”


Height        1 5/8”


Weight       10 ounces


Power        9 volt battery

Using The Delmhorst J-2000 Moisture Meter






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Delmhorst Dual Function Moisture Meter >

Before using the Delmhorst J-2000 moisture meter it is well worth familiarizing yourself with it’s functions. There are 4 buttons on the front of it.


Read button - Is used to collect a reading

Calibration button - This checks the calibration of the moisture meter for you.

Species button - This button is used to set the species code for the particular species of wood you are testing.

Temperature button - This button is used to set the wood temperature and the surrounding temperature.


To check the calibration of the Delmhorst J-2000 you need to press the calibration button and then the read button. The figure you are looking for when you perform this test is 12%. This will indicate that the moisture meter is calibrated correctly. If you find that the result is not 12% then it is very likely that the batteries in the moisture meter are running low and need to be replaced.


To set the species of wood, which you need to do for different woods, then you need to use the species button. The Delmhorst J-2000 has Douglas Fir as it’s default setting. The process is simple enough. Just press the species button and simply scroll through the species list by holding the species button in. Simply scroll to the species you desire and select. Use the temperature button to decrease the species number.


To set the temperature you need to work with the temperature button. The default setting on the moisture meter is 70 F. But when wood temperature rises, the electrical resistance will decrease and indicated moisture levels rise. The lower the wood temperature the lower the moisture level content is indicated, so a correction is necessary for accuracy. To change the temperature simply press the temperature button and hold it in. The moisture meter will show the current temperature and then begin to scroll to other temperature readings. Simply select the correct temperature.


To take a reading with the Delmhorst J-2000 meter is fitted with contact pins that are suitable for woods 6/4. Any other woods outside this range, the remote probe 26-ES is recommended. For taking an actual reading remove the cover from the contact pins and align the pins parallel to the wood grain. Push the pins in to the wood to their full penetration capabilities and press the read button. The display will give you a moisture content reading in % MC. This will remain on the display for 2 seconds.