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Choosing A Petrol Chainsaw



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If you have decided that it is time for you to invest in a petrol chainsaw, then you may find yourself a little daunted by the prospect of choosing one. On the market today are a vast array of petrol chainsaws all of different sizes, capabilities and made by many manufacturers.


Just knowing where to start is confusing enough for many people, but to be honest there is no reason to have any feelings of trepidation.


As said earlier in this site, buying a gardening power tool such as the petrol chainsaw is really down to personal preference. And we all know what we like and dislike, so there is half the battle won. You need to remember that it is YOU that will be using the chainsaw. So buy for you and not for anyone else.


The petrol chainsaw is the most rugged and powerful of the chainsaw family and just by opting to buy one of these, instead of a battery or electrical version, you will have yourself a top range piece of gardening equipment that should last you for many years. Choose the best for you and feel free to apply any of the pointers mentioned below in your decision making.


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Once you have decided on the weight factor, the next thing to consider is how long you want the Cutting Bar to be on your petrol chainsaw. When you first buy a chainsaw most of them are already equipped with only the smallest size cutting bar available. It is ok to use them but maybe in some jobs they are just not suitable. All dealers will have a wide selection of bars in all sizes if you wish to change the bar or have an extra one of a different size. If you are planning to cut thick tree trunks or sawing large logs for firewood, it is very likely that you will need a bigger cutting bar than the one supplied with a new petrol chainsaw.


Petrol Chainsaw Brands


When buying a petrol chainsaw, it may be best to look for one made by a brand that is well associated with the chainsaw. Brands such as Husqvarna and McCulloch are very reputable and have good reputations. These are not the only 2 good brands out there since there are many other good brands out there for you to choose from. The thing is with buying a brand is that you know they have a reputation to maintain so you are almost guaranteed an excellent product. The brand companies also strive to build a top quality product with all the latest available operating and safety features.So as a buyer you are guaranteed to receive an excellent model with all the latest technology incorporated in to it.


Ergonomic Design


The design of the chainsaw is essential in any choice matters. You want a chainsaw that is comfortable to work with. This is where ergonomic design comes in to play. You want a decent handle that is well placed on the machine. When holding a chainsaw you want it to feel as natural as possible. If you hold a chainsaw that puts strain on your body in any way when not in use then just imagine how uncomfortable it will be when in use. A decent chainsaw will have a slim, well balanced body and a high centre of gravity. Even if you intend to use the chainsaw for only a few times a year you should still try to seek out these characteristics. In our opinion, good ergonomics are as significant a factor as the weight issue of the chainsaw is.


Safety features


One does not really need to be reminded that the chainsaw can be a dangerous tool to use. So when selecting a chainsaw you want one with as many safety features on it as possible. With such things as kickback you with a chainsaw with an inertia chain brake as a minimum requirement. Vibration can also be a problem with a chainsaw. This weakens your grip and tires your arms resulting in less full control of the machine. This can prove to be dangerous. So look for anti vibration solutions on the chainsaw.




The chainsaw is not cheap and the last thing you want is a chainsaw that is a continual drain on your wallet with maintenance costs. Try to find one that works for longer hours before needing a service. Certain brands are developing this. If you plan to do all the maintenance work yourself look for chainsaws that have easy access to the parts such as the spark plug.




When it comes to selecting a petrol chainsaw it makes life a lot simpler if they are categorized in to 3 separate categories.


Occasional Use Chainsaws


These chainsaws are people who have a cutting job which is not on a grand scale and is only done occasionally. This really applies to the homeowner who tends their garden with small cutting jobs, pruning and hobby work. The chainsaw for this type of work does not have to be overly powerful or packed with many features. Because the chainsaw is only being used infrequently, more effort is placed in the design regarding the ease of use instead of achieving extreme performance. These types of chainsaws will not break the bank and are a viable alternative to an electric chainsaw. They are simple to use and perform more than adequately on small jobs. They require less servicing and depending upon the amount of use required from them, they can actually last you a life time.


Regular Use Chainsaws


These chainsaws are designed and manufactured to be used on a regular basis in a variety of situations. Versatility and reliability are the aims of the designers with these models. They are a step up from the occasional use chainsaw and do possess the same basic design as the professional use chainsaw. The difference is that the engines are not optimized to the same extent as a professional chainsaw. They will have a slightly lower performance level than the professional petrol chainsaw. They can be applied to hobby work, small cutting jobs and pruning. But they can also be used for felling trees and have no problems with dealing with thick tree trunks.


Professional Use Chainsaw





Features Of The Chainsaw



Weight Of The Petrol Chainsaw


There are some things to think about and consider before you buy your petrol chainsaw. Weight is one aspect you must consider. Depending upon the size of the chainsaw, the weight of the units will vary. Some are extremely heavy, while others can be quite light. Weight is a big issue because you do not want to operate a machine like a chainsaw that is not within your working weight capacity. A good idea would be to go down to your local petrol chainsaw supplier and take a look at what is for sale. Usually they will have examples on show where you actually pick up the saw and see how it feels for real when it is in your hands. This should give you a good idea on how heavy the saw actually is.


Cutting Bar Size Of The Petrol Chainsaw




To Care Is To Share

These are the big daddy range of chainsaws. The designers have designed them to be able to thrive in daily operation and tackle pretty much any cutting job that is required of them. Their engines are optimized to give the maximum power and durability to the user who demands the best from his power tool. The professional chainsaw can also be optimized for specific jobs and even specific climates. They come in a vast range of models c that can deal with small or really large trees. For the ultimate cutting machine the professional chainsaw is the only choice.





When you buy a petrol chainsaw there are a couple of accessories that you will also require. The first is that of a separate petrol canister for holding the fuel you need for a chainsaw. The petrol chainsaw uses a petrol and oil mix. The ratio of oil in this fuel is that of about 5% by volume. So if you mix yourself up a batch of this petrol and oil mix you can store it separately in your new petrol canister Do not forget to label the canister though so that you do not use the wrong fuel.


The oil you can buy separately at any number of retailers. It is a specially formulated oil to help it stay on the bar when it is used. Another extra accessory/piece of equipment you need is a file to go with your petrol chainsaw. As I said on the previous page the saw blade will blunt if it comes into contact with certain things such as earth or stones. It is very important to keep the chain sharp. Apart from a file to sharpen the chain a Dremel tool can also do the job just as well. Apparently, using these tools will reduce the life of the chain but there is nothing you can do about it. It's just wear and tear. But you can help with the wear problem by sharpening the teeth very carefully and do not grind too much off each time you do it.


So choose wisely, take good care of the appliance and you should have many good years of use from your chainsaw.



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