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Dwyer MST-01 Digital Moisture Meter

Dwyer Moisture Meter



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Dwyer MST2-01 Digital Moisture Meter



Ranges - Moisture 2 - 70 %

               Temperature 14 - 122 F

               Relative Humidity 10 - 90 %

Temperature Range of 32 - 104 F

Humidity limit 0 - 70 %

Dimensions 5.75 x 1.5 x 0.75 inches

Weight 68 g

Battery 3V lithium



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Dwyer Instruments was founded in 1931. Since the day they began business, Dwyer have strived to manufacture instruments of quality, high reliabilty and readily available at reasonable cost. Dwyer has service in many markets, one of which is the moisture meter market.

Dwyer has grown in size and reputation through its own products and the acquisitions it has made to allow them to successfully enter new markets.

With their headquarters based in Michigan City, Indiana Dwyer products are nowadays sold worldwide to many happy customers.

Their after sales service is to be recommended and all in all a Dwyer product will give you  a pleasant user experience with the added benefit of knowing that their is backup behind the product if you encounter any problems.

As well as the Headquarters in the U.S.A there are offices in the United Kingdom and Australia.


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Moisture Meter Guide

The Dwyer MST-01 Digital Moisture Meter is a moisture meter of high accuracy that can be used to measure moisture content in wood, bamboo, paper, gypsum and various other materials.

The body of the moisture meter is rugged and very durable ensuring a long working lifespan.

All results are displayed on the large digital LCD in a very concise and clear manner. To ensure that you can keep your records there is a hold facility on the moisture meter.

If you buy yourself a new Dwyer moisture meter it will be supplied with a carry case, protective cap, a battery and replacement pins. The cost of this moisture meter is approximately $45.








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Moisture content range 2 - 70 %

Moisture content accuracy 1.5 %

Moisture meter resolution of 0.5 %

Operating temperature range 32 - 104 degrees F

Operating Relative Humidity of 0 - 70 %

Dimensions of 5 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches

Weight of 116 grams

3 digit LCD dispaly

Requires 9V alkaline battery

The Dwyer MST2-01 digital moisture meter is highly accurate and can be used to measure moisture content in wood, gypsum, paper and bamboo amongst other materials. As well as measuring moisture content, this moisture meter can measure ambient temperature as well as relative humidity.

It is a moisture meter that is easy to use and very easy to read thanks to its large LCD display. With the hold function, results are easy to record.

Supplied new with a carry case, protective cap, replacement pins and a battery.