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Though it makes good sense to deal with moisture problems for obvious reasons there is another benefit as well. Solving most moisture problems will also save energy. This will save you money in the long run and fund your purchases you make to solve the moisture issues.

Reduce Moisture In Your Home

Rather than just relying on ventilation to remove moisture from your home, it is a good idea to get straight to the source of the moisture problem and eliminate it. Here are some tips for you;

Do not dry clothes in the home.

If you have exposed earth in your basement, cover it with polythene, seal it and weigh it down.

Do not use a humidifier in the home.

Do not dry firewood in the home.

Always ventilate your bathroom when in use.

Do not steam clean carpets in winter.

Insulate Cold Surfaces

Any areas in your home that are not insulated can be improved by insulating them. This can be expensive, but well worth it in the long run.

Reduce Air Leakage From The Home

Attics are the main port of call here. If your home has air leakage out then moisture is carried up to the attic and wall cavaties. This can and will result in ling term deterioration up there. In the lower part of your home any air leaking in through the floor and foundations will be a sourc of moisture. What you need to do is seal all cracks, joints and openings that you can find. In our opinion it is better to reduce air leakage and then rely upon a ventilation system to provide you with the necessary fresh air in your home.

With the attic you need to seal air leakage so seal;

The plumbing stack

Electric wiring

Tops of the partition walls

Electrical boxes

Attic hatch


Install A Suitable Ventilation System

If the humidity levels in your home are high and you cannot reduce moisture sources any further then you need to increase the ventilation rate. This will improve the quality of the air in your home.

Install ventilation units and make sure that the air is being pushed out of the home rather than up in to the attic.

Worth knowing about ventilation is:

A new home will require alot of ventilation for at least a year due to moisture content levels in the new construction materials.

When it is mild and damp outside ventilation will not be so effective because the outside air is saturated and has very little potential for drying.

Your home will soak up moisture during the summer and begin to release it in the Autumn. When the days are warm and dry you should open doors and windows to provide ventilation and help your home dry out before the fall begins.

Upgrade Your Windows

Windows are usually where you first get condensation in the home. New windows will offer your home better insulating technology and hence reduce condensation levels.

If your existing windows are still in good condition and you do not wish to change them, then you can self install an interior storm window kit over the whole window and frame. This will reduce condensation levels as well.






How To Solve Moisture Problems


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