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Advantages of anti mold paint


Anti mold paint will help you get rid of a mold problem on your walls and ceilings. Once applied the paint assists in eliminating moisture from surfaces which contribute to feeding and housing mold. Eliminating mold will enhance the look of your home as well as contributing to better health. Inhaling mold spores can have detrimental effects on the human body, which we have gone in to further detail on other pages within this site.Health issues with mold.


An anti mold paint will create a film over your walls and ceilings which deters any continual mold infestation. This means that it is suitable to be used in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. All rooms that are susceptible to mold infestation.


Working with anti mold paint is pretty simple and you do not require a professional tradesman to help you. This helps greatly with your economy. The anti mold paint is easy to apply as long as you have the necessary paint rollers and brushes. Its just like decorating your home. Just put some music on and get painting.


The main drawback with anti mold paint is that you do require good preparation of the surfaces you wish to paint. How you prep the appropriate surface will make a huge difference as to whether you have good or bad results. Remember that prepping is the key to any painting job.


Application Of Anti Mold Paint


Before beginning any painting you need to ensure that the room you are working in has adequate ventillation. Anti mold paint does contain some toxic elements, though in minute amounts, and you want  to be able to breathe freely and clearly. You should wear gloves, old overalls and goggles when painting with the anti mold paint as you dont want any to come in to contact with your skin.


You apply the anti mold paint in the same manner as you would with ordinary emulsion paint. But before application you must make sure that the surface is clean and dry. After cleaning the suface, if any cracks are discovered, you need to fill them. Clean any old mold off the surface using water and detergent. There is a HG mold spray that you can use to clean off the mold and mold spores. But the use of this is not essential.


Anti mold paints come in a variety of tin sizes. So you need to do a little mathematics to work out how much paint you require for your surfaces. A standard 1 litre tin should be able to cover a 6 metre squared surface without any problems. Most anti mold paints will take about 2 hours to dry.








How To Use Anti Mold Paint


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When walls in your home are repeatably coming in to contact with moisture you can experience a mold outbreak. Your walls will look dull, tired and even unsightly. Wall cavaties and drywall are particularly susceptible to mold growth and outbreaks.

One way of combating mold is to use an anti mold paint on your walls. A type of paint such as the Ronseal Anti Mold Paint will suffice and give you good results. This Ronseal paint we have used ourselves and found it to be very effective and after application, no more mold issues.