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The petrol chainsaw range offered by Efco is a complete range suitable for either home use or professional use. As well as the petrol version of the chainsaw, Efco also provide electric chainsaws.


Their choice of all chainsaws is quite large and possess a reputation of being highly dependable, easy to use and maintain, nicely designed and of quality build.


One issue that really stands out with the Efco chainsaw is that every new chainsaw comes with a whopping 3 year guarantee. That alone must direct you to Efco when searching for a new chainsaw.


Efco is environmentally conscious as well and all their chainsaws meet all the latest emission requirements.


Efco has embraced some good technology with their chainsaws and the whole range has been designed in an attempt to give every individual who requires a chainsaw, a right solution to individual requirements.


It doesn’t matter if you want the chainsaw for cutting, pruning, undergrowth work or felling, there will be at least one Efco chainsaw that can help you.







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Efco embraces the use of some very nice features on their chainsaws. Though not unique, these features positively add to the all round quality of their chainsaws and places them in the top 10 of chainsaw manufacturers.


Decompression Valve


The decompression valve assists in the fluent and quick starting of a chainsaw.


Nylon Air Filters


A nylon air filter is much easier to maintain. They are proved to give an improved performance and do ensure a trouble free operation.




Every chainsaw should have one of these in our opinion. They assist with chainsaw starting and are particularly effective in harsh conditions.







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For easy definition and selecting, Efco have categorized their chainsaws in to several groups.


Home Use


These chainsaws have been designed for just occasional use by homeowners for such jobs as pruning, clearing, hobby work and small cutting firewood jobs. They are practical chainsaws which are very simple and easy to use. Operating and maintaining them have been designed to be as easy as possible. Typical characteristics of the home chainsaw include:


Primer device for easy starting


On/off and choke combined in a a single lever


Transparent fuel tanks


Anti vibration systems


Comfortable starter handles


Filter covers


Sponge air filters which are quick and easy to clean.





Categorizing Efco Chainsaws






Forged Steel Drive shaft


Many chainsaw manufacturers are now using these in the construction of their chainsaws. They experience reduced wear and tear and do have a longer working life.


Semi Automatic Choke


Starting will always be a problem if there is not a choke present.


Spark Plug Protection


The spark plug on the chainsaw is a vulnerable component. Protecting it makes sense and is done so superbly with covers that do not require tools to remove them.

Intensive Home Use Chainsaws


When is comes to logging, pruning and small diameter cutting on a regular basis, the intensive home use chainsaw is the option. They are more powerful chainsaws which incorporate technology from the high end chainsaws that have higher specifications. These chainsaws guarantee top performance whenever you need it and do cut effortlessly and quickly. Typical features Include:


Automatic oil pump


Electronic digital coil


2 ring piston




Easy on start systems


Easy maintenance


Professional chainsaws


This are the cutting monsters of the Efco chainsaw range. They have been designed to work with felling and the cutting up of trees of all sizes. The engines have linear torque at all speeds ensuring a high performance in any condition. Efficiency is paramount. Typical characteristics include:


Long term reliability


Decompression system in cylinder


Large fuel tank


Anti vibration system


Self lubricating bar and chain.