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In the perfect world we would be able to go out and purchase a petrol chainsaw that would do any job we required of it, time after time, without any problems. However the human race has been searching for utopia ever since the first sunrise, and it simply does not exist. Not yet anyway.


Despite the fact that the chainsaw these days is an excellent operating tool due to all the research and development put in to it, it still can break down and cause user problems.


Now the manufacturers have indeed invested large amounts of their resources in the modern day petrol chainsaw and when you purchase one you are buying a high spec machine. These chainsaws are supplied with all the necessary parts and accessories and a user manual. Unfortunately these user manuals in our experience, do not match up to the quality of the actual chainsaw.


In fact some user manuals are very vague or intricately complicated to follow and really are not worthy of keeping the chainsaw company. And this is a shame and the reason that the same questions are always asked by users on a regular basis.








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Why wont my chainsaw start?


Unfortunately there is not just one reason why the chainsaw will not start. There are several possible issues which may prevent the chainsaw starting. They could be single issues or even combined issues. Being familiar with you chainsaw will heap rewards in this field.

The on/off switch is in the wrong position.

The fuel may be old and decomposed. You should never use fuel that is more than 30 days old.

The chainsaw could be flooded. If you smell fuel after trying to start the chainsaw then this is the case.

The air filter may be blocked and filthy and the spark plug may be shot.

The fuel filter may be blocked.

In hot weather the carburetor of the chainsaw may be vapour locked. This is where hot gas evaporates in the carburetor and will not allow the correct amount of fuel to enter. To resolve this issue simply turn the chainsaw on it’s side and slowly undo the petrol tank cap to let out pressure. Do the cap back up and press the primer bulb and try to start the chainsaw again.


How do I start the chainsaw properly?


Check out the Chainsaw Starting page on this site.

How do I start a chainsaw that is flooded?

After trying to unsuccessfully start your chainsaw you smell fuel, it is highly likely that the chainsaw is flooded. To get the chainsaw to start you need to clear it of the excess fuel. The best way to do this is to just let the chainsaw sit for about 15 minutes and let the excess fuel evaporate from the engine. When you can no longer smell the fuel, try to start the chainsaw again.


How do I mix the oil and petrol?


For newer versions of the petrol chainsaw the ratio should be 50 parts fuel to 1 part oil. For older models of the chainsaw the ratio mix could be 40-1 or even 32-1. You need to check the chainsaw manual.


Which petrol should I use?




Is it ok to leave fuel stored in the chainsaw?


Even though you can it is not recommended. If you do then deposits can form in the fuel system and cause all sorts of operating problems. If you will not be using your chainsaw for over 30 days then you must empty the chainsaw of all fuel.


What type of oil do I use on the Chainsaw chain?


The chainsaw chain and bar must have continuous lubrication. Most chainsaws will have an automatic oiler that feeds off the oil tank. You need to keep this oil tank full at all times. A good routine to get in to is every time you add fuel to the chainsaw always top up the oil reservoir. There is specialized oil for this which has been developed so that it does not thin under high temperature conditions. Always use specialized chain bar and chain oil.


Why will the chain on the chainsaw not cut properly?


Several reasons could contribute to this.

The chain could be on the wrong way round.

The chain is dull and needs sharpening.

If the chain cuts at an angle you probably have cutters which are sharper on one side than the other. Replace the chain.


Why will the chainsaw chain not turn?


Check to see if the chain brake is engaged.

Any sudden impact can dislodge the chain off the chain bar.

The chain bar could be pinched or damaged.

Wood could have gotten in to the sprocket nose.

A damaged or worn drive sprocket.