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The philosophy behind Hanna Instruments has been to be always able to supply customers around the world with high quality and reliable instruments for their measuring requirements. In 1986, Hanna Instruments first introduced the pH electronic paper for testing pH levels. This literally revolutionized the world of pH testing and allowed literally millions of customers, in a variety of industries, to perform a simple pH test that was both accurate and economical. Due to the driving philosophy, Hanna has become a top world company, employing over a 1000 people dedicated to testing and improving instruments.








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Hanna Instruments is a global and highly specialised company that manufactures analytical instruments. Oscar and Anna Nardo were the founders in Padova in 1978. These days the headquarters are based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and there are 40 subsidiaries scattered around the world in 32 different countries. The main manufacturing sites are in Mauritius, Singapore, Hungary and Romania.

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For 30 years now Hanna has been one of the world leaders and innovator of analytical instrumentation. The Research and development team in Rhode Island have just one aim and that is to challenge themselves on inventing new instruments, whilst constantly striving to improving existing instruments.

 1980 - single-probe portable conductivity meter
• 1982 - pH controlled chemical pump
• 1984 - microprocessor-based hand held pH meter
• 1985 - pH electrode with built in temperature sensor
• 1986 - electronic pocket-sized pH tester
• 1988 - pre-amplified pH electrode
• 1990 - waterproof pH meter
• 1991 - replaceable electrode pH pocket tester
• 1992 - portable pH meter with plain-paper printing
• 1995 - pocket thermometer with cal-check feature
• 1997 - pH tester with double junction electrode
• 1999 - pH/temperature tester with dual level LCD
• 2000 - multi-parameter pocket tester
• 2002 - colorimeter with cal-check feature
• 2003 - pH meter with check feature
• 2004 - process pH meter with integrated cellular communication
• 2005 - single parameter line of auto titrators for wine testing
• 2006 - pre-amplified probe multi parameter portable meter


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When it comes to manufacturing, Hanna takes full responsibilty for their own measuring tools. They do not sub contract the work out to other companies. All manufacturing is done inhouse. This ensures the quality throughout the whole process of design to bringing the product to the market.

So if you are in need of a superior quality measuring instrument, any Hanna product simply has to be on your shopping list to look at and compare against other instruments on the market today.