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Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter


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The Protimeter Surveymaster dual mode moisture meter is designed to allow the user to distinguish between surface and sub surface moisture. This is actually very important information when you are trying to ascertain the cause of a damp problem.

The Protimer Surveymaster uses 2 modes of operation. The first is measuring and the second is searching. It is a pin moisture meter which gives you a direct reading on the LCD display in % of moisture content. When using the Protimeter moisture meter you have the option of being able to use hammer electrode and deep wall probes with it.




Pin meter

Durable and rugged

Search mode

Measuring mode

Dual display

Colour changing LEDs

Measurement range 7 - 99 %

9V battery

Dimensions 175 x 30 x 48 mm

Weight 100 grams