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The chainsaw and other similar cutting equipment prove to be very versatile tools that can be used for a variety of tasks. However, in the wrong hands or used incorrectly, these tools can prove to be potentially very dangerous.


Serious accidents have occurred involving chainsaws and many of these are due to the user not having the adequate training and know how about the chainsaw. Even experienced chainsaw users have accidents and it is important never to be complacent with a chainsaw and always ensure that your chainsaw skills are kept up to scratch.


Chainsaw chaining is a legal requirement. The provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998 require that all employers provide the necessary adequate chainsaw training to potential employees. Anyone operating a chainsaw or working in or on trees must have a recognized certificate of competence.


Even if you are a self employed person these regulations are still applicable. There are professional chainsaw courses that one can join to learn all the safety and usage issues involving a chainsaw. If you plan to use a chainsaw we seriously recommend that you attend a chainsaw course.







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Chainsaw Courses








When you attend a chainsaw course you will be expected to come with your own chainsaw and necessary equipment. Everything must be of a suitable standard. However if you do not have all of the necessary equipment , or some of your equipment is sub standard, the course should be able to provide you with all you need. There will be a hire cost for all of this though.


Chainsaw Course Equipment


Chainsaw with:

Chain brake

Front handle guard

Low kickback

Anti vibration

Rear hand guard

Chain catcher

Safety throttle

Guide bar cover


Safety Protective Clothing



Eye protection

Ear protection

Leg protection



Additional Equipment


Fuel/oil mix

First aid kit

Non snag clothing

Chainsaw operator manual

Maintenance tools

Waterproof clothing




To Care Is To Share

Chainsaw training courses are available in most countries for people to join and attend and you can opt to join an occasional chainsaw use course or a professional chainsaw course.


Occasional use chainsaw course


This type of chainsaw course will last about a week. For the first couple of days you will learn all about chainsaw maintenance and chainsaw safety. Once these basics have been grasped you will be allowed to use a chainsaw to learn how to cross cut pre felled timber. Once all this has been mastered the rest of the week will be spent learning how to fell a tree properly. These chainsaw courses will combine training and assessment and if you reach a competent standard with the chainsaw you will be awarded a Lantra Awards Certificate of Training. This certificate will be valid for 5 years.


Professional Use chainsaw course


These chainsaw courses are more intense. They are intended for people who wish to use the chainsaw in a professional capacity. Perhaps in the forestry business. As with the occasional course there will be time spent on learning the chainsaw basics such as safety and maintenance. Then the course will step up and you will be felling all types of trees from small to large. You will also learn how to use the chainsaw in different situations. At the end of the course you will be awarded the Lantra certificate. Certain jobs within the chainsaw industry require the additional NPTC certificate. This is an additional assessment that is latched on to the end of a professional chainsaw course. It will last for about half a day.


Refresher chainsaw course


These courses are for people who have the NPTC certificate but wish to refresh their chainsaw skills. This should be taken every 3 to 5 years and you will receive a certificate of attendance.






Equipment Required For A Chainsaw Course





Lantra Certificate





When you successfully complete a chainsaw course you should receive a Lantra certificate. The Health and Safety recognize this certificate and it gives the necessary proof that a person has received the appropriate chainsaw training.


The NPTC certificate of competence is more advanced and requires further training to receive. Perhaps an extra day or so. If you go for the Lantra certificate we feel that you should also strive to gain the NPTC certificate as well. It is worth remembering that most insurance companies require a chainsaw user to have the NPTC certificate.