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On the internet there are a vast number of sites related to the chainsaw. That is not surprising as the petrol chainsaw is a great 20th century innovation that has changed many a job and life.


The chainsaw sites differ in quality, but many do have pages on them about chainsaw safety and safety products which is a good thing.


However not many of them refer to a rather important safety issue called chain shot, so we have dedicated a small page to this issue in the hope that it enlightens many chainsaw user’s.


Chain shot is the separation and ejection of a piece of the chainsaw cutting chain from the broken end of it. This chain shot is a threat to the chainsaw user and any bystander. Chain shot usually occurs near the drive end of the chain and from the tip of the bar.


Unfortunately there is no way of eliminating chain shot and research has shown that on an average 1 out of every 50 broken chainsaw chains have had a piece or pieces missing from them. These pieces could have been chain shot.









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Reducing The Risk Of Chain Shot










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Unfortunately it is not possible to eliminate the risk of chain shot. However there are certain chainsaw tips that can help in reducing the risk of chain shot. And chain shot should not be dismissed or overlooked. Because of the speed that a chainsaw chain operates at the chain shot can have the same effect as a small bullet and cause serious injury and maybe worse.


1- When the chainsaw is in operation both the user and any bystanders should never be in the natural plane of the chainsaw bar.


2- The necessary and appropriate windshield material must be installed.


3- There are chain shot guards available and they should be installed as near to the drive sprocket as possible.


4- Bystanders should be at least 60 metres away from the chainsaw user.


5- Checking the chain is necessary. Ones that are cracked or damaged must be removed and replaced.


6- Always ensure that you have the proper and good quality bar and chain lubrication.


7- Keep the chain at the correct tension at all times.


8- If the drive sprocket is showing signs of wear and tear. Then it needs to be replaced.