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Douglas Fir Tree

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Ecology Of The Douglas Fir

For a tree of its size, the Douglas fir does not have a particular deep root structure. In fact the roots tend to be a lot shallower than the sugar pine or the California cedar. The roots are usually found in organic soil layers or very near to the mineral soil surface. In drier situations the Douglas fir can generate taproots which can go alot deeper.

In mature forests the Douglas fir snags are well developed and provide an ideal habitat for many birds of the forest. The red tree vole and spotted owl will always opt to build their nests in the Douglas fir.

The tree provides a food source for many animals. The red tree vole has a fancy for the needles, black tailed deer and elk will gorge themselves on the seedlings in winter and new world porcupines eat the bark from the young conifers. Small mammals, such as mice and chipmunks survive by eating the seeds from this tree.


Uses Of Douglas Fir Wood


The Douglas fir tree is simply one of the best timber producing trees in the world with its quality and quantity. The wood product is used for lumber, pilings, timbers and plywood. The creosote treating pilings from the Douglas are use abundantly in marine structures. The wood can also be found in railroad ties, house logs, poles, mining timbers, flooring, furniture and pulp. An extremely diverse and successful wood within society. Even at Christmas the tree can be used as a Christmas tree.

On the ornamental side of things the Douglas fir is often planted in gardens and parks to enhance them and the Royal Horticultural Society has awarded the tree with its garden of merit award. The tree has been adopted by countries such as Chile and New Zealand, as well as Europe to be used in forestry and for wood production.

The buds from the Douglas fir are used to flavour the fruit brandy eau de vie and the Hawaiians build their double hulled canoes form the trees logs.









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There are about 600 species of the oak tree native to the Northern Hemisphere. They include decidious and evergreen oak tree

Douglas Fir





The Douglas Fir, which is also known as the Oregon pine or Douglas spruce douglas fir












The beech tree is a decidious tree and belongs to the fagaceae family. It is a native tree to Europe beech tree






Elm trees are deciduous and semi-deciduous and belong to the plant family Ulmaceae elm tree







Hickory is a tree from the genus Carya. This genus has 19 species hickory tree



Which Is The Best Firewood?





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The Douglas Fir, which is also known as the Oregon pine or Douglas spruce, belongs to the evergreen conifer species. Despite its name though it is not a true fir tree. The Douglas fir is native to Western North America.

It is not unusual for Douglas fir trees to grow to heights of 100-120 metres with diameters as large as 6 metres. On young trees the bark is grey, thin and smooth with quite a few resin blisters present. As the tree ages the bark becomes thick and corky The buds of the trees are a narrow conic shape (the pine cone) and the leaves are spirally arranged but twisted at their base.

In forests the Douglas fir has a narrow and cylinder like crown with self pruning at a very slow rate. It is not unusual to see a Douglas fir retaining its lower limbs. New trees will have branches right down to almost ground level. The growing rate of a Douglas fir is approximately 70 years to reach a height of 5 metres and about a 100 years to reach a pinacle of 10 meters.

Seed production from the Douglas fir first takes place when the tree is about 20 years old and is an irregular activity. In a 7 year period there will be a mix of heavy, medium and light seed production. The pine cone on average contains 30 or so seeds.



Douglas Fir Trees Of Significance


In the United Kingdom the tallest tree is a Douglas Fir. It is found growing in Reelig Glen which is just by Inverness. It has been named Dughall Mor and is 64 metres high.

In 1902 Lynn Valley, Vancouver a Douglas fir was cut down and it was measured at 126 metres in height and almost 5 metres in diameter.

In 1897 a Douglas fir cut down was measured at 142 metres in height and almost 5 metres in diameter.

It is believed, and research shows, that a Douglas fir has the capability to grow up to 145 metres before water supply would fail.


Douglas Trees In Culture Today


The Douglas tree is the symbol of the popular television series Twin Peaks

The Cascadian Independance movement has the Douglas fir as an intricate part of its flag.

Douglas Adams had a Douglas fir planted in his honour on May 14 2001

Douglas firs are planted on Towel Day



Bark Of The Douglas Fir

Timber From The Douglas Fir

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