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If you are looking for a good quality chainsaw at an affordable price then Einhell is perhaps the route to take. German manufacturing is renowned for it’s reliability and quality and this German company does produce a set of very nice chainsaws amongst it’s other gardening equipment portfolio.


Though not at the top of the chainsaw tree, the Einhell chainsaw is neither at the bottom. They are definitely in the top 10 bracket yet are priced so competitively that one has to include them in any search for a chainsaw and compare them to the market leaders.


The price of the Einhell chainsaw is a huge swing factor in any decision making and the quality is there as well. To be honest we are surprised that more units are not sold globally.


The Einhell chainsaws come with solid and powerful engines that are the heart of these highly efficient and well put together chainsaws. The user’s safety has been placed first with ergonomic design, chain brakes and anti vibration capabilities. Add the German reliability and the chainsaw parts network and you have an ideal chainsaw package for any garden owner who wishes to own one. It is just a shame that the models are not a bit lighter. In some cases they can be 40% heavier than other brand models in the same category. But you can’t have everything can you?






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Einhell is a German manufacturing company that is based in Landau/Isar which develops and manufactures tools for the home, garden and DIY market. They are a company with a global attitude and have many affiliate partners all around the world. Their philosophy is to be more flexible and innovative than their completion.




Einhell is continually developing new products that are different to existing products. They concentrate on satisfying the small consumer with tools that are to be used around the home and garden.




Einhell products can be produced in their own house or put out to other manufacturers. Manufacturing can be done on a global scale to familiarize Einhell with requirements for specific products. They see China as a huge market just now are really trying to conquer that market.




Einhell wishes to protect the environment and:

Minimize all product packaging

Use recycled products in the packaging

Use recycled plastic whenever possible

All waste material is sent for recycling

Work together with material recycling companies.





Einhell Safety Gear/Accessories For The Chainsaw











To Care Is To Share

Many people when they decide to buy themselves a petrol chainsaw simply head out to the nearest and largest tool superstore and pick up the cheapest model available without even a hint of consideration. This is a bad way to go about buying a chainsaw. When buying a chainsaw one should really locate themselves a dedicated and good chainsaw dealer. Choosing the right chainsaw dealer actually matters and makes a difference to whole petrol chainsaw experience. Selecting an appropriate chainsaw dealership is easy enough to do.





Try to find yourself a local chainsaw dealer rather than a national superstore chain. People get blinded by advertising and “Big Sale Now On” or “Bargain of the year” promotions. These so called sale prices that the chains offer can actually be more expensive than better quality brand chainsaws in your local chainsaw dealership. Going to a large superstore will also more than likely result in you buying the wrong chainsaw. By building a good relationship with your local dealer you will have access to good information, chainsaw tips and help if your chainsaw breaks down or requires work doing on it.



Clever Shopping


By going local you will also shop better. Most have an idea what a chainsaw does and the basic fundamental operation of one. However the local dealer will definitely know more than you about the chainsaw. They will be able to advise you as to which model of chainsaw is ideal for you, the accessories that you require and all the maintenance advice that you could possibly want. The local dealer is in our opinion a talking instruction manual. The chainsaw is their livelihood so they learn as much about the tool as possible. If there is something that you ask and they don’t know, you can be rest assured that they will find out.





A good chainsaw dealer will stock a wide range of chainsaw models and brands for you to compare. Some brands are better than others, but if you select the wrong dealership you will limit your choice significantly. A good dealer will also stock a vast range of accessories such as safety gear and all the chainsaw parts you could ever require for maintenance or repair. Our particular local chainsaw dealer even has a workshop behind his main shop where he does servicing and repairs. Add to this the fact that he encourages people to come to him with any problems or wanting advice and we have to say that there is no better way of buying a chainsaw than with a good local dealership. So bear that in mind.


Buying An Einhell Chainsaw





When using the Einhell chainsaw you need to wear the correct safety clothing and gear to protect yourself against any mishaps. Einhell do not produce their own line of safety gear so you have to look at other safety protective gear manufacturers in order to purchase. Stihl and Husqvarna come to mind first in this field, but do look around and compare.

On the chainsaw accessory front Einhell does produce a moisture meter. A chainsaw trestle, chain oil and a chainsaw sharpener. For a comprehensive write up on these products go to the accessory page on the Einhell website.






As well as producing the petrol chainsaw, Einhell also manufactures other items of gardening equipment. For a more comprehensive write up on the Einhell chainsaw and all the other products that they produce we recommend that you take a look at the official Einhell website.