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How To Change Fuel Lines


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Just like the primer bulb, fuel lines on a petrol strimmer need to be maintained and replaced. They are made from plastic which can be prone to wear and tear as well as cracking and breaking. The last thing you want on your petrol strimmer is a leaking fuel line. So when you do check your petrol strimmer always take a quick look at the fuel lines to ensure that they are not leaking and are properly attached. Changing fuel lines is a pretty simple procedure and easily mastered. The fuel lines on your petrol strimmer will have to come of the carburetor for a variety of reasons like repair or replacement and what requires specific attention is when you replace them. It is a very simple thing to mix up the routing of the fuel lines after you have removed them. On the 2 stroke engine there are 2 major carburetor designs which both have different fuel routing orientation. So we shall write about both here on petrol strimmer. There are carburettors with the primer bulb that has been built on top of the carburetor and the carburetor that has a separate primer built assembly.

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Fuel Line Routing For Primer Bulb On Carburetor

Replacing fuel lines on a petrol strimmer are simple enough to do. But as manufacturers tend not to mark which is the incoming and outgoing ports on their carburettors, it is easy enough to forget the orientation of the fuel lines when you initially remove them. With a carburetor where the primer bulb is built on top of the carburetor, the primer bulb will pull fuel through the fuel line in to the carburetor itself and also push the fuel out of the carburetor via the return line. If the fuel lines are properly installed then what happens is the fuel is pulled in to the carburetor through the fuel line with the fuel filter. It is then pushed out of the carburetor via the return line. So if you have happened to mix up the fuel lines and attached them incorrectly you can perform a test to confirm this.

Attach the fuel lines. This can be done with pure guess work. Just attach the fuel lines to the carburetor and then test their orientation. To carry out this test simply place both ends of the fuel lines in 2 cycle fuel and prime the primer bulb. If fuel is pushed out of the unfiltered line then you have attached the fuel lines correctly and nothing more needs doing. However if you see bubbles coming out of the line with the fuel filter on, then you have attached the fuel lines the wrong way round and need to switch them. So if you do experience the bubbles simply switch the fuel lines and carry out the same test again. Job done!


Fuel Line Routing For A Remote Primer Bulb


If you have a petrol strimmer where the primer bulb assembly is separate from the body of the carburetor then you will notice that the fuel routing here is a little more complex because you have an additional third line. With this system it is important to remember that the primer bulb assembly is there to pull the fuel through the carburetor and not push the fuel in to the carburetor. When changing the fuel lines on this type of system there are a couple of tests you need to perform to ensure that the lines are attached properly and in the correct position.

Firstly you need to test the primer assembly. With these assemblies the fuel will only flow one way through them. So you need to ascertain which is the input and which is the output side of the primer. To do this, attach the fuel lines to the assembly unit and place both lines in 2 stoke fuel. Once the lines are submerged, prime the bulb. You will see bubbles come out of the fuel line which is attached to the out going side of the primer. This is the return line. The other fuel line will not produce bubbles and must be attached to the carburetor as the fuel must be pulled through the carburetor in to the primer bulb.

To test the fuel routing with the carburetor attach the incoming fuel line on your primer to one of the ports on the carburetor and attach the third fuel line to the other fuel port on the carburetor. Again submerge both lines in 2 stroke fuel and push the primer bulb to test. If bubbles come out of the primer assembly return line then you have attached the fuel lines correctly. If you find that the primer bulb gets stuck in the same test then the lines are attached incorrectly and need to be changed over. Change the fuel lines over and carry out the same test. Job done!