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Petrol Strimmer Safety


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If it be for maintaining the edges of your lawn, getting rid of those tough imposing weeds or for heavy duty tasks in general then the petrol strimmer is what you need. The petrol strimmer is definitely more efficient and cost effective than it’s electrical counterpart. Unless you have a tiny garden or backyard the electric version of this tool simply wont cut the mustard because it just does not have the power of the petrol version and hence will not give you such a professional result.

The only drawback to this though is that the petrol version is probably the most dangerous gardening implement in a gardener’s shed, second only to the petrol chainsaw. But if you take the necessary working precautions and wear the correct protective clothing, instead of being a threat to you, the petrol strimmer becomes a great ally and assists you superbly in your gardening aims to achieve your goals.


To Protect Yourself


The most obvious danger and threat that can come from a petrol strimmer is that of small objects such as pebbles or fragments of broken glass that can be thrown up at great velocity by the nylon cord of the strimmer. You never know when this will or can happen but you can be assured that sometime it definitely will. So it’s imperative that you protect your eyes at least by wearing a pair of industrial standard goggles. You can also protect your mouth by wearing a mask which prevents any foreign objects entering it. You definitely don’t want a fragment of glass in the mouth that you can risk swallowing.

As well as having ear and eye protection it is also a good idea to wear work boots and long trousers when operating the petrol strimmer. These items of protective gear can absorb the impact of any flying objects to the lower part of your body. They also provide you with protection while you are walking and working through overgrown areas. You don’t really want your attention taken away from the job at hand by encountering a set of stinging nettles for example on the bare leg.

Be Aware Of Others


We have already pointed out that the petrol strimmer can offer some risk to the operator, but bear in mind as well people within the vicinity of the functioning strimmer. Ideally you should keep people away at a distance of at least 15 metres when the strimmer is operating. This prevents them from getting any nasty surprises from any flying debris. If you keep people away at a distance as well it means that you can concentrate on the job in hand without distraction. If you are approached by people whilst working, it’s a good idea to just switch off the machine and continue again when they are at a safe distance. This rule should be particularly adhered to in the case of children. Flying debris that is knee height for an adult is head and eye level for a young child. Always remember that.

Shoulder Straps


And finally always use the shoulder strap that comes with the strimmer. These straps are not added for decoration but give vital assistance when using the machines. They give stability as well as preventing strain and stress on your muscles, tendons and ligaments. Before operating the strimmer always adjust the strap to the correct size for you making sure that it supports the unit without causing your neck and shoulder muscles to stretch. Always use correctly and protect yourself properly when operating the petrol strimmer.




As well as there being an immediate danger from flying debris such as pebbles and broken glass, there is a slight risk of long term damage to the body. We have already mentioned the risk to the eardrum from noise and shall now quickly mention tendonitis. This condition could be brought upon by heavy use of the petrol strimmer. To avert the risk of this you should really wear a heavy duty pair of gloves that can function as shock absorbers against the vibrations of the machine.


Hedgehog Safety


Protecting yourself with appropriate protective clothing will ensure that the petrol strimmer will not cause you any personal injury. Combine this protective clothing with correct use of the petrol strimmer and your gardening job will be as safe as houses.However this is not the case for the hedgehog.

Garden machinery, such as the lawn mower and petrol strimmer, pose a great threat to the hedgehog and can cause them fatal injuries. The hedgehog is a nocturnal mammal and during the day their usual spots for sleeping are in long grass and undergrowth. The areas where the petrol strimmer is most likely to be used. The hedgehog has been around for 15 million years, but they are diminishing in numbers at a frightening rate and have now been added to the endangered animal species list. So every unnecessary fatality brings this wonderful species closer to extinction.


Be Observant


Before beginning your garden job with the petrol strimmer, check out the area thoroughly that you will be working on for any sleeping hedgehogs. You can use your hands and feet to do this. If you do come across a hedgehog, either try to move it or wait for another day when the hedgehog has moved on.

It must be worth remembering that when a hedgehog hears a noise or feels threatened, it will curl up in to a ball and not run away. So if you are using a petrol strimmer were a hedgehog is located, it will not try to evade the strimmer, but instead hope to protect itself by curling up. Unfortunately this is the wrong thing to do in the case of strimmer threat. And the thing is the injuries caused by a strimmer tend not to be treatable by vets and usually results in the end of that particular hedgehog.

A hedgehog enhances a garden (particularly if you have children, who will be fascinated by the little creature) and assists in the garden eco system. So please do take a little time and check thoroughly any rough garden before tackling it with your petrol strimmer.


Attracting Hedgehogs To Your Garden


If you do not already have a hedgehog in your garden there are ways that may possibly attract them to visit.


Allow easy access and exit to your garden

Dig a small hole at the foot of your garden fence. This will create a natural walkway for the hedgehog between gardens.

Ask the neighbours to do the same.

A hedgehog needs a large roaming area (something like 10 gardens) so work together with your neighbours.

Use wire mesh as a means of fencing and always remove any sharp wires that can injure the hedgehog.


Feeding A Hedgehog


If you are lucky enough to have a hedgehog in your garden you can feed it with:

Tinned dog or cat food (not fish flavours)

Dog biscuits

Any cooked meat leftovers

Chopped cheddar cheese

Peanuts (unsalted)

Sultanas and raisins

Lots of water


What not to feed them

Salty foods such as bacon and corned beef

Bread and milk

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