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When you think of the petrol strimmer you envisage the handheld version that has become a part of millions of gardener’s equipment portfolio. Such is the success of the style for use in the garden, the majority of strimmers are designed in a similar fashion. However petrol strimmers do not just come in a handheld design. There are wheeled strimmers that come in a design very similar to the conventional lawnmower or lawn scarifier.

These wheeled strimmers are ideal for use in a garden which has a large area that requires cleaning in a quick and efficient way. The wheeled strimmer has a larger cutting area than a handheld petrol strimmer and can easily reach places where your lawnmower can not go. Despite being quite large, these wheeled trimmers are actually quite agile and are a popular choice amongst many. They easily cope with tall grass and weeds as well as being subtle enough to be used to trim borders.




Hayter is a Brand name that is well known in the U.K for grass cutting. The company was a pioneer of the rotary mower and even today, modern technology has not replaced traditional skills. In fact the 2 are combined by Hayter where each compliments each other. Hayter continues to strive in it’s maintenance of quality and improving standards. They wish to be known as the company that produces the finest of lawnmowers. Hayter does design and manufacture other gardening machinery such as the wheeled strimmer. Their wheeled strimmers are based on their lawnmower designs and incorporate the same amount of attention to detail and quality.

If you buy a Hayter wheeled strimmer you will discover that you have a vast support network behind your investment. Hayter appreciate the fact that people who buy their products are actually loyal customers to their brand. One of the main reasons for this is the after sales service that is provided. Throughout the U.K  there are over 800 authorised service dealers for Hayter products. These service dealers are extremely knowledgeable about all Hayter products and can offer great advice. They are trained in service and maintenance of Hayter products and if there is any spare part that you require, they can supply you with it or at least locate it for you. So if you buy a Hayter version of the petrol strimmer, you can rest easy if anything goes wrong with it.


Hayter Power Trim Petrol Wheeled Strimmer


The Hayter Power Trim is a wheeled strimmer that is a tough machine designed for tough jobs. When you use one of these you will discover that it is well balanced, easy to use and will cut down even the roughest of overgrown areas.

The power trim is powered by a Briggs and Stratton series 650 engine which is extremely easy to start and maintain. The reliability of this particular engine is superb. The belt drive to the trimhead is covered by it’s own guard to give additional safety. And continuing on the safety front the unit is fitted with OPC. This OPC is operator presense control. It is incorporated in to the handlebars and when released it will immediately stop the trimhead. The handlebars on the power trim are fully adjustable, making it very easy to transport and store you Hayter wheeled strimmer. As said earlier, this wheeled strimmer is well balanced and because of it’s large diameter wheels it works extremely well in any rough terrain.




Large diameter wheels


Independent belt drive to trim head


Simple to use controls


Adjustable handlebars


Briggs and Stratton 650 series engine




3 year manufacturer’s warranty


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Wheeled Strimmers Basic Advice



Using a wheeled strimmer


They are very easy to use. Just start it up and use in the same manner as a lawnmower. Just go up and down the plot of land that you wish to clear.


Safety with wheeled strimmers.


These wheeled strimmers are a little more safer to use than petrol strimmers which are handheld. However you would still be advised to wear protection for your eyes and ears. A good quality pair of gardening gloves will ensure that your hands never suffer and will also give you a more secure grip on the unit.

As with petrol strimmers that are handheld, always check out the area you are working in. Make sure there are not children or pets running around where you are working. And do check for the sleeping hedgehog! For more on safety with petrol strimmers check out Strimmer Safety.


Maintenance of the wheeled strimmer


Check oil levels at all times. Keep the machine clean after use and if wet, give it a dry. Proper maintenance will mean servicing  the unit twice a year and keeping all moving parts lubricated. Basically service the wheeled strimmer as you would with a lawnnmower.


Opinion on wheeled strimmers


Having used one once, we have to say that there are no complaints about the cutting abilities of wheeled strimmers. They are easy to use, just like a lawnmower, and do not tire you out when you use one for an extended period of time. Though they are more flexible than a lawn mower, they are still not as versatile as petrol strimmers that are handheld. You can not move one around like you can with our Ryobi petrol strimmer for example.

The Hayter wheeled strimmer has a 4 stroke engine which is powerful and extremely fuel efficient. It will out live any petrol strimmers that are using a 2 stroke engine, but we would expect that. You see the thing is, we here at petrol strimmer, can not justify the price of one of these units. Yes the Hayter is an exceptionally made machine of the highest quality. It works fantastically well but it is just not the tool for the job. In our opinion a petrol strimmer needs to be handheld. This enables you to walk around freely strimming as you go. You can reach places in deep undergrowth with petrol strimmers and even use them upside down. Providing you have a support harness with your petrol strimmer you can use it for extended use without tiring. And lets not forget there are all sorts of attachments too that can be used with a petrol strimmer.

But when it comes to garden machinery it is all down to personal preference and requirements. There are situations where the wheeled strimmer is a more suitable tool than a petrol strimmer. And perhaps you are not as fit and agile as you used to be and using a petrol strimmer is not possible.

Do not interpret us incorrectly though. We DO like wheeled strimmers and think they are a very handy gardening tool to have. However if one has to choose, we here would always opt for a handheld petrol strimmer.

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