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Einhell BG-PC 3735 Chainsaw






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This petrol chainsaw is highly reliable and comes with a power packed 2 stroke 37 cc heart. It is a versatile chainsaw suitable for all work from lopping and felling to undergrowth clearance and removal. To make it easy strating, Einhell have given it an electronic ignition, automatic choke and a primer. It is lightweight and with the ergonomic design, is very easy and comfortable in the hands when in use. It has optimized centre of gravity to give it a very nicely balanced feel about it. You can use this chainsaw for extended periods of time without feeling any discomfort from it.

For safety there is the standard automatic chain brake, a highly efficient chain catch and automatic chain lubrication to ensure everything runs without an issue. The large claw stop is particularly useful and beneficial to give additional safety as well as stability when using this chainsaw.An additional feature is the full crank shaft which gives a longer engine life and the chainsaw complies with EU Pollutants Directive 2002/88 EG




2 stroke engine


37 cc


Safety trigger


Automatic choke


Electronic ignition


Chain brake and hand guard


Carlton chain


Chain catch


Anti vibration design


Automatic lubrication


Large claw stop


Bar length 35 cm


Weight 6.75 kg
















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