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A good circulation of air in the bathroom will also pay great dividends in preventing mold growth.

So keep the bathroom fan on or leave the bathroom door open after use.


Reducing Moisture In The Bathroom

To prevent any mold forming in your bathtub you must remove all water from it after a bath or shower.

You do not want to leave any water on the edges of the bathtub and the walls. An old towel can be used to dry up this water. Other tips to follow are:


1- Remove soap and shampoo from the bathtub when you are finished.


2- Remove any old hair from the bathtub.


3- With your old towel dry down the bathtub, walls, shower doors and curtains.


4- Stretch any curtains across their rod so they are exposed to air flow.


5- Leave the bathroom window open for a while to allow airflow.


6- Switch on the bathroom fan if you have one.


7- Leave the bathroom door open


8- If you do find that you have mold on your walls or ceilings then you need to remove it and paint your walls and ceilings with acrylic latex base paint.

Remove Water Stains From Grout

Over a period of time, water can stain the grout between your bathroom tiles. To remove this staining one can use cleaning products, but toothpaste does just as good a job.

1- Squeeze some toothpaste on the water stain.

2- Brush it like you would with your teeth.

3- Rinse away the toothpaste

4- Dry it with a towel.

Remove Soap Stains From The Bath

Again you can use cleaning products, but toothpaste does just the same job.








How To Prevent Bathroom Mold



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A bathroom provides an ideal breeding ground for mold growth. The areas where mold is most likely to thrive are along the edges of bathtubs and in between the tile grout.

What mold will result in are health problems, damage to infrastructure of the bathroom and unpleasant smells.

People spend alot of money on mold removal, yet fail to take the proper care to prevent mold returning. Mold and mildew require moisture to thrive. Fact. And the bathroom is a natural moisture haven.

Keeping your bathroom dry whilst not in use is the answer.

The simplest way to do this is to have an old towel available and wipe away any visible water after use. Easy to do and non time consuming.








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