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Wagner MMC220

Wagner Moisture Meters

Wagner MMC220 Extended Range Moisture Meter


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Incorporates IntelliSense Technology


Has a thoroughly extended range which includes tropical wood species


Moisture detection range of 5% - 30%


Clear and concise digital display


Precision of 0.1%


Measuring depth up to ¾ of an inch


Non intrusive moisture meter


Programmable for species settings


A sensing area of 1.5 x 2.5 inches


Press and hold read feature

Wagner L606

The species button on the MMC220 can be used to select the particular species of wood you wish to take a moisture reading from. It comes in a factory default setting but you can change this if you so wish. Already installed in this meter is the gravity settings of wood species. If you are always working with just a few select species of wood there is an overlay on the front of the meter where you can write all the appropriate setting values of those specific wood species. Do so in pencil and not a permanent marker as one day you may wish to add or take away some setting values.

To take a measurement with the Wagner MMC220 Moisture Meter always ensure that the specific gravity setting is the correct one for the species of wood you are testing. When placing the meter on the wood do so firmly making sure that the sensor plate has a good contact with the wood surface. If you notice that there is moisture or water on the surface of the wood, you need to wipe away the excess and allow the wood to dry for a couple of minutes before testing. Once a reading has been taken it is a good idea to turn the wood over and take another reading from the opposite side, if this is possible of course.

Erroneous high readings can occur if the timber to be tested is thinner than the scan depth of the meter. To counter this an air gap has to be created underneath the wood. An air gap of about an inch is suitable. When testing wood ensure that there is nothing under the wood, in particular no metal.

The Wagner MMC220 has an auto shut down feature which will kick in after 1 minute if the meter has not been used or any buttons pressed. To maintain your moisture meter always store it properly. You need to avoid storage places that are very hot or very cold and always store the meter in it’s carry case.

You meter will have been calibrated at the manufacturing factory and not require re-calibration again. If you do need a calibration adjustment then the meter has to be returned to Wagner to be carried out properly.


Wagner L607

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The Wagner MMC220 has been designed in mind for the use by flooring manufacturers and installers, furniture and cabinet makers, timber suppliers and timber inspectors as well.

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Length       4 9/16”


Width        2 ¾”


Height        1 1/16”


Weight       0.37 lbs


Power        9 volt battery

The design and lightweight features of this moisture meter make it an ideal device for woodworkers and professionals to scan and test materials quickly and accurately. Can be used on all domestic woods as well as exotic species. The IntelliSense feature ensures that the meter is not affected by surface moisture in it’s testing and readings.

A very user friendly moisture meter, this particular model has proved to be very popular and been the choice of many a professional worker. An all purpose meter that is non intrusive and very reasonably priced in the $350 - $400 range.

Using The Wagner MMC220 Moisture Meter


To turn the moisture meter on simply press the on/hold button momentarily and gently release and enter the measurement code. When the meter is set in the measurement mode the on/hold button can be used to freeze a reading that has been made and keep that reading on display until you clear it. A nice feature particularly if you are taking moisture readings in difficult places to get to.This meter also has an auto shut off feature.

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