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Delmhorst BD-2100 Moisture Meter


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Digital display


Wood scale 6% - 40%


Reference scale 0 - 100 relative basis


Gypsum scale 0.2% - 50%


Up to 100 accumulated readings


Audible alarms


Integral pins


Built in calibration test


Built in connector


0.1% precision


Depth of measurement pin depth


Tough case


Resistance technology








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The Delmhorst BD-2100 is one of the best selling moisture meters. It can be used to test moisture content levels in a wide range of building materials such as wood, concrete, insulation and drywall. The unit comes with a digital display and audible alarms. Included in the package is the calibrated drywall scale exclusive to Delmhorst. With the built in connector it is also possible to use a wide range of probes with this moisture meter.

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Length       8”


Width        3”


Height        1 5/8”


Weight       10 ounces


Power        9 volt battery

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