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Examples Of The Garden Moisture Meter

Guide To Buying A Garden Moisture Meter



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Moisture Meter Guide

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Any experienced gardener will tell you that it is essential to have many different tools and pieces of equipment to pursue your hobby and reach your goals. The garden moisture meter is just one of these tools, but proves to be most useful. They are designed for both, inside and outside use, to assist you with your planning of day to day watering and detecting any possible soil problems.

Quick guide to garden moisture meters

The majority of experienced gardeners consider a moisture meter to be a must have tool. They are very handy tools to gauge the percentage of moisture levels and content in any particular soil sample. Most moisture meters are extremely accurate.

Before buying a moisture meter a buyer should really familiarize themselves with all options available to them and select the most suitable option for their needs and requirements.

By far the most popular version of the garden moisture meter is the electronic moisture meter. They need a battery to operate and providing they are turned off when not in use, a battery can quite easily last up to 6 months.

Electronic moisture meters give the most accurate readings and can be digital. For those of


Luster Leaf 1820 Moisture Meter

This Luster Leaf moisture meter can be used to measure moisture content in your lawn, garden, outdoor plants and potted plants for an instant result and reading. It is easy to use and the analogue display shows a relative reading that is very easy to understand. The result that this moisture meter gives can be compared to the watering guide that comes with this meter when you buy it. The soil probe for this meter has a flexible cable attachment so you can test hard to get to places such as hanging baskets. No batteries are required for this unit.


Luster Leaf 1827 Soil Moisture Meter

This digital moisture meter can be used to monitor moisture content in soils. What we particularly like about this instrument is the built in data base that gives the requirements of different plant species. You can organize this data base as well to have your own personal favourite list. The moisture level results are given graphically against optimal conditions to help you make instant watering plans. For flexibility there is an extendable cord that helps you test hanging baskets or grouped plants.


Easy read digital display

Built in data base

Automatic off feature

Corded probe


We have highlighted two moisture meters from Lusty Leaf. Lusty Leaf is a company that supplies many good quality testing items to be used in and around the garden. From personal experience we find their products to be of high quality and very reliable. For a more comprehensive look at the moisture meter and other garden testing items, check out the Lusty Leaf official website.

you who are unfamiliar with the use of moisture meters, a digital option is definitely the way to go. Experience gardeners vouch for them, in particular when it comes to dealing with extremely sensitive plants.


If you are a gardener who prefers not to use batteries, then you can opt for a battery free moisture meter. These versions use a very simple needle gauge to measure moisture content. These are ideal for gardeners who do not grow sensitive plants.

Because they are very cheap to buy, one can be keep as a back up to any battery powered digital meter and are an ideal solution when batteries run down.

When buying a moisture meter it is very important that you consider your own particular needs. Buying the right moisture meter will save both time and money. Novice gardeners should inquire at their local gardening association for advice and have any knowledge they can about the local soil types where they grow.

If hydroponic gardening is your passion, then a specially designed moisture meter for hydroponic gardening is a must.These specially designed meters are extremely accurate and also designed to work around the clock.

Indoor moisture meter

The majority of garden moisture meters are designed for indoor testing. Because the moisture meter will be less exposed to outside conditions, you can afford to be less choosy about the durability capabilities of your moisture meter. They are also much cheaper to buy as they tend to be constructed out of plastic.

When working with a moisture meter indoors, always take several readings a day to ascertain a general pattern in the soil moisture levels. Air conditioning and coolers can play a significant part in soil moisture levels throughout the whole day.

Outdoor moisture meter

Any moisture meter for an outdoor application needs to be enclosed in a sturdy casing of high quality material. Hard plastics or even metal are the preferred types. But just ensure that the casing is adequate enough to withstand outdoor conditions.

The operating temperature range also needs to be suitable on a particular moisture meter so that it can function properly in your particular climate. So if you live in a hot or cold zone then you need to purchase the appropriate moisture meter for your zone.

If you are planning to use a moisture meter both indoors and outdoors, then you are advised to purchase an outdoor moisture meter. This instrument will satisfy all your requirements.

Verify the accuracy of your moisture meter

You must verify the accuracy of your moisture meter. Most meters are highly accurate, but some models do work better than others in certain conditions. You can gather information about moisture meters from fellow gardeners or visit any online gardening forum to chat away.

Botanicalgarden is a forum we like to visit on gardening issues.



For the serious gardener who wishes to verify a 3 in 1 meter must perform a soil test. There are home testing kits for this, but a better option could be to take a soil sample to the local agricultural department for a thorough test. They will test your soil for the PH level, type of soil and moisture levels. You must compare their findings with the findings of your moisture meter. The results should not vary too much, but if they do then you must consider buying another moisture meter.

Buying a moisture meter

Always ask as many and every question you have before purchasing. When buying an outside meter always enquire what the casing is constructed from and the temperature range it performs in. If you buying secondhand it is necessary to ask why the meter is being sold in the first place. Is the moisture meter faulty or damaged?

Looking after a moisture meter

Getting the most and a longer life from your moisture meter, just takes a little care and attention. Always remove the battery for any periods of non use. This ensures no battery leakage and any corrosion as a result of the leakage. Always clean the meter's probes after use using a soft and dry cloth. Always store properly.

How to buy a moisture meter

They can be bought in any decent garden store, from the internet where there are vast numbers of business that sell them. You can even visit eBay and using their search menus, can locate moisture meters for sale in your area.

The moisture meter is a handy tool and no serious gardener should be without one. They help you ensure plant health and much growing success.




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