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When operating a chainsaw it is vital that you are concentrating and fully focused on the vicinity that you are working. Because you are focusing on the area of work it is easy enough to neglect the ground that you are standing on and give it no attention at all.


The problem here though is that it is essential for a chainsaw user to have a stable and secure footing and remain balanced at all times. This is where chainsaw boots prove their worth.


Chainsaw boots with chunky profiles on their soles will provide all the grip and give an excellent platform from which a chainsaw user can work from.


As well as providing the necessary secure grip the chainsaw boot will also offer cut resistance and toe protection to protect any foot from any unexpected chainsaw infringement.


Good quality chainsaw boots will also be made of high quality materials and padding on the inside of the boot as well. This will ensure that they are comfortable to wear, which is vital if they are worn for any extended periods of time.










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Design Of Chainsaw Boots











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When using a chainsaw you often find yourself in awkward positions and on ground that can be rough and uneven. This can prove to be difficult to gain appropriate traction. Underfoot also there may be sharp objects that are just trying to find a way to pierce your foot. Now if you suffer a slip or indeed your foot gets pierced, then you attention will immediately be taken away from the job in hand with the chainsaw. In this precise moment the chainsaw will still be running and “unattended”. This can prove to be a vulnerable situation to say the least. So the soles of chainsaw boots must be designed to be chunky so they can get a good grip. As well as providing a good grip the soles need to have penetration protection so such things as thorns and nails will not puncture through and hit the foot.


Feet can be quite vulnerable to the chainsaw so chainsaw boots need to have adequate protection. A good pair of chainsaw boots will have cut resistant pads placed strategically in the design. As with chainsaw trousers, these protective pads may completely stop the chainsaw chain or resist the cutting process for a fraction of a second. It is worth remembering that if these protective pads get damaged in any way then they may lose their protective qualities. So always keep your chainsaw boots in good condition.


Design Of Chainsaw Boots


The inside of chainsaw boots should also be designed correctly. They must have the necessary padding to support the foot and provide cushioning and comfort. Chainsaw boots that have the ability to “breathe” are extremely welcome as the feet can get very hot and swollen in a long days work. Superior chainsaw boots will have such materials as Gore-Tex incorporated in t them for ventilation. Any type of toe cap protection is a must in chainsaw boots.









Choosing Chainsaw Boots




When it comes to choosing chainsaw boots to wear when you are operating a chainsaw, the choice you have is huge. Many of the well known chainsaw brand makers produce their own chainsaw boots and these can come in different styles. You can have chainsaw boots that look like hiking boots or even chainsaw bots that take on the appearance of Wellington boots. The style that you choose is purely down to personal preference.


On the safety and comfort front though there are several pointers you need to follow. Chainsaw boots must have cut protection. They must be constructed out of a tough material such as leather with appropriately positioned protection pads, and on the inside be as cushioned and comfortable as possible. So when looking at chainsaw boots take all these considerations and compare the available models for these factors. Chainsaw boots that can breathe are ideal and we here do like this additional feature.


Soles of chainsaw boots are of vital importance in the selection process. You want a sole that give a rugged grip, are non slip, self cleaning if possible and penetration protected. This criteria we notice does actually reduce the number of potential chainsaw boots considerably. So always scrutinize the soles.


As well as ensuring that the chainsaw boots of your choice are waterproof and resistant to the elements of the weather you should also look at any stitching on the boots. Particularly around the lace areas if you choose lace up chainsaw boots. The quality of stitching will actually tell you all you need to know about the quality of the boot. High quality stitching will ensure the boot has a long functional life. Poor stitching will more often than not render the boot useless in time. Small details always separate high quality products from poor quality products. Some things as stitching are easily overlooked. But believe us when we say it is of high priority.