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How To Start A Petrol Chainsaw



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A chainsaw is a valuable tool to have around the home but it can prove to be a potentially dangerous piece of gardening equipment to have if it is not used safely. It is important to apply safety in all aspects with the chainsaw and this is extremely applicable when it comes to starting the chainsaw.


Starting the chainsaw


Place the chainsaw on the ground and push the chain brake handle forward to engage it..


The chainsaw will have 2 reservoirs. One for the fuel/oil mix and one for the chain oil. Fill both accordingly and correctly.


Move the ignition switch to the on position.


If your chainsaw has a carburetor with a purge bulb push it in a couple of times until the fuel becomes visible. within the bulb.


Locate the choke knob and pull it all the way out to full choke.




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Hold down the chainsaw down securely with your hand on the front handle and your foot on the rear handle before you pull the starter cord.


Pull the starter cord a couple of times or until the chainsaw engine begins to turn over.


Then push the chainsaw choke back in as the necessary fuel is now in the system. Some chainsaws will have an automatic choke which goes in when the chainsaw starts.


Pull the starter again until the engine starts.


Let the engine warm up properly before using the chainsaw.


Disengage the chain brake before beginning to use the chainsaw.


How Not To Start A Chainsaw


Starting a chainsaw may seem like a simple thing to do. Perhaps overly simple. But many accidents are caused by improper starting procedures. One such procedure is the “air drop” technique. This is where a chainsaw operator will hold the starter cord with one hand and allow the chainsaw to drop, forcing the chainsaw to start by gravity.


Many think that this technique looks cool and is how the professionals start a chainsaw. It is not cool and no professional would use it. There is only one way to start a chainsaw and that is with the chainsaw in complete control at all times. The air drop technique has resulted in many operators losing a hand when starting a chainsaw.


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