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You may have your suspicions that your home has some moisture problems so its time to become Sherlock and ask yourself a few questions before proceeding further.

These questions should be based on the below;

Questions To Ask Yourself


Do you have mold growth that keeps coming back or spreading?

Does your home smell musty or unpleasant, especially in the attic or basement?

Do your windows always fog up or get frosty through the winter?

When you look around your home do you come accross any rotting wood, ruined brickwork, soft drywall?

Does the attic get very cold and frosty?

Have you ever had any flooding in the home?

What are the humidity levels in your home throughout winter. Are they over 55%?


If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions then it is highly likely that you home has a moisture problem.

So after answering yes to some or all the questions it is time to get in to active mode and check out your home thoroughly.


Moisture Damage Check


Change in to some old or working clothes, find your torch and get looking throughout your entire home for moisture damage.

Be particularly observant for mold growth and the causes of this growth.

If you have a moisture meter, this will help greatly in determining any source of a moisture or damp problem.


Relative Humidity In Your Home


Knowing the relative humidity levels in your home is a useful thing to know. You do this with a hygrometer and can monitor levels throughout a whole day in different rooms.

Typical Moisture Problems

Mold growth in your bathroom

Mold and dampness in your attic

Basement walls are damp to touch

In extreme cases there will be water on your basement floor

Door sills have frost on them

Window frames have frost on them

Paint is peeling off walls

You discover mold growth behind furniture and stored boxes

Your carpets are wet beneath windows

Your ceilings are stained or even sagging

You discover mold in your closets

Condensation forms on your windows







Does Your Home Have A Moisture Problem?


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