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Protimeter Aquant Moisture Meter


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The Protimeter Aquant digital non invasive moisture meter has been designed to investigate sub surface moisture in materials. The Aquant can be used on building materials and fibreglass. Caravan and boat owners are particularly attached to this moisture meter.

The technology within the Protimeter Aquant allows it to detect moisture levels behind floor and wall tiles. This same technology allows it to be used on boats to test for moisture levels in hulls. The depth the moisture meter works to is 10 - 20 mm.

There are 2 displays which are synchronized. One is LCD display and the other a LED colour coded scale.




Pinless meter

Dual display

Colour changing LEDs

Reset reading

Detects moisture below wall and floor coverings

Use with boats

Is not affected by surface moisture such as condensation

9V battery

Dimensions 175 x 30 x 48 mm

Weight 100 grams