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Lignomat Mini-Ligno DX/C Moisture Meter






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The Lignomat DX/C moisture meter is one of the most popular pin moisture meters on the market today. Its design is perfect for the hand and its capabilities allow it to check hardwood floors and a resolution high enough to check wet lumber. The digital display is very clear and concise and can even be read in dark spaces without any hindrance. The moisture meter has settings for 40 different species of wood and is supplied with a chart for domestic and tropical wood species readings. There is also a refernce scale for drywall and plaster. The meter also has connections so you can use external electrodes and cables with it.




Pin meter


Measuring range 5 - 65 %


Resolution 0.1 % for wood species


Auto calibration


Dimensions 2.75 x 5 x 1 inches


Weight 200 grams


Digital display


40 settings for wood






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