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How To Mix 2 Stroke Oil And Fuel


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The 2 stroke engine on the petrol strimmer is lubricated by it’s own fuel system. This means that you need to mix in special 2 stroke engine oil with the petrol you use to power your petrol strimmer. This is necessary to prevent any damage to the 2 stroke engine. If you do not mix oil with the petrol the petrol strimmer will overheat and seize or break. If you run the petrol strimmer with an incorrect ratio mix of oil and fuel you run the risk of actually destroying your strimmer within minutes of operation.

So knowing the mixing steps, mixing ratios and petrol storage procedures are of great importance when it comes to owning and running a petrol strimmer. The mixing of oil with fuel is just one maintenance task of the petrol strimmer but it is a task of great importance and if not carried out correctly can have dire consequences to your machine.


Storing Gasoline


There is a big difference between new gasoline and fresh gasoline. If you go and fill your gas canister and seal it properly it can easily be mistaken for new fuel when you come to use it. It is easy to see why this scenario occurs but the thing is one needs to know just how long the fuel has been sitting in the canister for. The thing with gasoline is that it actually expires and has a life expectancy of between 3 and 6 months. Any longer than this and the gasoline will become unhealthy to use in an engine like that on the petrol strimmer.

What happens with gasoline over time is that it tends to break down and lose it’s potency regarding it’s combustible properties. This is not good news for the petrol strimmer. By using old gasoline you are running the risk of reducing engine power and even worse, creating excessive build up of impurities in the engine parts which only lead to destruction of the engine.

So be aware of the fact that gasoline has a shelf life. When you buy new gasoline a good tip is to always write the date you purchased it on, on the outside of the canister. This way you are sure to never use old gasoline again.


Some tips for storing gasoline


Always throw out gasoline that has been stored for over 3 months. A good rule to follow is to throw away any gasoline that has been stored when the new gardening season begins. Start the season with newly bought gasoline.


If you ever store your petrol strimmer with fuel inside it always use a fuel stabilizer to protect the carburetor.


Even if you do use a stabilizer with the petrol strimmer you should always throw away the gasoline at the beginning of the season.


When storing fuel for long periods of time always use a stabilizer. It can add a couple of months life to the fuel, but no more.


Mixing Ratios


2 stroke engines are not universal and each specific engine has it’s own particular oil and fuel mixture ratio. So when it comes to mixing your own fuel and oil you need to know the correct ratio for your particular petrol strimmer. You will have a handbook with your strimmer and the mixing ratio should be inside it. If you can’t find it then check the engine housing of your strimmer where the mixing ratio information may be.

Today the petrol strimmer is manufactured to have a 50/1 fuel to oil mix. This is because the engines are cleaner running and more environmentally friendly. Previously the older style of petrol strimmer had a mix ratio of 40/ or 32/1. If you have a new version of the petrol strimmer that uses a 50/1 ratio things are a lot more convenient for you. This is because the 2 stroke oil comes in bottles of 2.6 oz. This is the precise amount required to add to a gallon of fuel in a 50/1 ratio mix. So if your petrol strimmer works on a 40/1 or 32/1 mixing ration you have some additional measuring to do when it comes to determining the correct amount of oil to add to the gasoline. It is easier to measure larger amounts of gasoline than small amounts of oil so we shall help you along and give the amounts for a correct mixing ratio.


50/1 Mixing


2.6 ounces oil

1 gallon of fuel


40/1 Mixing


2.6 ounces oil

0.8 gallon gas


32/1 Mixing


2.6 ounces oil

                                           0.65 gallon fuel



How To Mix Oil/Fuel For The Petrol Strimmer



In order to mix oil and fuel correctly, the oil must be mixed with the gasoline in a separate container. You should never mix the 2 together in the actual fuel tank of the petrol strimmer.


Steps for mixing:


Always add the oil to the container first. Make sure that you have the correct amount of oil and that the container is clean.


Next add the correct amount of fuel to the container with the oil in.


Seal the container properly and then swirl around the container gently until the oil and fuel is properly mixed. Do not shake the container to carry out the mixing process.



Engine Damage And Oil



When you mix the oil and fuel for your petrol strimmer it is imperative that you carry out the correct mixing ratio. If you don’t then problems will occur with your petrol strimmer. Mixing too much to the fuel will cause less damage and problems than mixing too little oil. With just a little too much oil in the mix you may not even notice any difference in your strimmer’s performance and at least the tool is being lubricated.

If you add a lot of extra oil to the mix your strimmer will suffer symptoms:


Smoke coming from the exhaust


Oil coming out of the muffler


A significant loss of engine power


Rectifying these problems is simple enough to do. Just empty the fuel tank and refill it with properly mixed fuel.


If you add too little oil to the fuel mix this can have serious consequences for your petrol strimmer. And if you run a petrol strimmer without any oil at all you will see your engine destroyed in just a couple of minutes. The piston and cylinder will overheat and seize and break. Galling is where the piston and cylinder will become distorted in shape due to excess heat.


The most prominent sign of a petrol strimmer running on a fuel mix with too little oil is that of a loss of power. You need to act quickly and rectify the problem immediately or permanent damage will be caused.



Always ensure that you mix the oil and fuel to the correct mixing ratio for a fruitful working life with your petrol strimmer.



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