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How To Adjust Chain Tension



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Whenever you use a chainsaw safety must be at the forefront of your actions at all times. To ensure safe cutting and optimum performance with the chainsaw the chain must always be at the correct tension. No matter which chain you have chainsaw chains will always require frequent adjustments.


Adjusting The Chainsaw Chain


Remove the spark plug lead from the spark plug.


Loosen the clutch cover nuts before doing any adjustments. This will prevent you from damaging the clutch cover and the tensioner.


With most chainsaws the chain tensioning screw is found on the front or the side of the chain saw.


Hold the chain bar nose up off the work surface and take a flat nosed screwdriver.


Use the screwdriver to turn the tensioning screw in a clockwise motion.


When turning the tensioning screw keep your eyes on the chainsaw chain.







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The chainsaw chain will tighten and be at the correct setting when it comes in to contact with the underside of the bar.


Hold the bar nose up again and tighten up the clutch cover nuts.


Pull the chain around the chainsaw bar by hand. If you discover any tight spots or resistance to the chain moving around the bar, loosen the adjusting screw( anti clockwise) until the chain is free flowing.


Once satisfied with the chain tension connect up the spark plug and you are ready to go.


Some chainsaws will have a chain tension knob on the side of the body which does not require the use of tools. Just follow the same procedures but just adjust the knob accordingly.


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