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This grain moisture tester comes with the very confident and profound description from Agratronix as "The most accurate unit on the market". So lets take a look at it a lot closer. This tester has a direct readout for 20 different grains without the need for pre weighing. All of this at just a touch of a button. Almost instantly you will receive a moisture level and the weight of the grain. The LCD display is backlit and there is no spill technology incorporated.

This grain tester can be hooked up to the internet via its USB port with a USB cord. Here you can upload the latest version of the software and all the grain scales. The moisture level range is 6 - 45 % and the temperature range is 40 - 113 F depending upon the type of grain being tested.


Ag-MAC PLUS Grain Moisture Tester


Agratronix Moisture Meter

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Grain Testing With A Moisture Meter


When you test grain for moisture content levels, both the testing cell and the grain itself must be free from any surface moisture or condensation. If not you will receive very high readings which are not truely indicative of the moisture content within the grain. It is also worth remembering that very cool or very hot grain has a tendency to pick up moisture when it cools or warms.

Grains are irregular in shape and because of this they will not always pack tightly and the same way in a testing cell. So you will experience different readings. So in order to obtain more accuracy it is advised to always take 2/3 readings and then work out an average reading. You will not be far away then from the correct moisture content level.

Grain moisture testers such as the Agratronix Ag-MAC PLUS Grain Moisture Tester tend to be more accurate at temperatures between 60 and 90 F. For best results the grain temp should not drop below 40 F.

Any environment that grain is exposed to can affect its moisture content levels. If exposed to open air grain can possibly lose or gain up to 2% moisture in just a couple of minutes. Even if you hold the grain in your hand, the moisture content level can be affected. This is why you should always keep the grain in an air tight container before you test it.


Wood moisture meter

Concrete moisture meter

Agratronix is a company that specializes in the production of digital moisture meters for the agricultural industry. Their products incorporate all the latest technology, are high quality and competitively priced.

Within the agricultural sector the most important factor which influences the quality of hay and grain is that of moisture. The management of moisture content levels in hay and grain is a continuous process and one which pays great dividends on quality and bringing the product to market. The Agratronix moisture meter can accurately obtain moisture readings from hay and grain before, during and after the growing season.



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Moisture Meter Guide


Readouts for 20 different grains

Moisture content measurement done quickly, accurately and easily

LCD display

Gives grain test weight

Moisture range 6 - 45%

Temp range 40 - 113 F

Display resolution 0.1 % moisture

Powered by 4 x AA batteries




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For a more thorough write up and assessment of any of the moisture meters above and the rest of the Agratronix range, check out their official website by clicking below.