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Tramex as a company has been designing and manufacturing moisture meters for over 30 years now, resulting in a well deserved reputation for quality and innovation. Tramex actually designed and developed the World’s first non destructive moisture detector which worked on the principle of impedance measurement, applying direct contact electrodes.

Over the years of being in business, Tramex has acquired great experience and knowledge of their profession. Within professional business they are a company that commands a lot of trust in their products. Such industries as flooring, building inspection, roofing, pest control, indoor air quality, building maintenance and cleaning can all see examples of Tramex moisture meters and hygrometers in fulltime use.


Tramex was founded in 1973 and originally supplied moisture detectors for the roofing industry, whilst continually striving to design new moisture meters for other industries. They diversified over time and entered the hygrometer market as well.


Tramex sees and promotes itself as a company that has;


Innovative design


Quality control


First class construction


Superior worldwide recognition


And it’s hard not to agree!

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Any screed or concrete floor has to be dry before any floor covering can be installed. So to ensure that a freshly laid floor has properly dried out, regular moisture content checking has to be carried out. Tramex have a wide selection of moisture meters for this application. Any excessive moisture levels can result in adhesive degradation and delamination of the floor covering from within itself and the floor itself. Other problems can be blistering, condensation and cover movement.

With wood flooring, any excessive moisture content can cause cupping, swelling and wood movement. Mold can also grow in high moisture conditions. The sub floor is usually the culprit for these conditions so testing the sub floor with a moisture meter is an essential step in any successful floor laying project.


Water Restoration


To carry out restorative work in an efficient and professional way, the correct diagnostic and drying equipment is essential. Any excess moisture or humidity left remaining in a building environment can cause such conditions as rot, floor failure, issues with wall and roofing supports and mold growth. So during any drying process all humidity conditions need to be constantly monitored. This cannot be done without the correct equipment. Tramex moisture and humidity meters are more than adequate for this type of task.

Pest Control

Animal pests, insects and any wood destroying organisms require high humidity and moisture for survival and reproduction. So by locating any areas of high moisture content with your Tramex moisture meter is essential to prevent this and any termite invasion within your property.


A leaking roof is a huge issue and problem. To actually locate a leak and the cause of the leak can be both costly in time and money. Moisture can travel a great distance from the intial point of entry it makes in to a building.

A leaky roof can cause serious damage to a buildings structure and any contents of that particular building. Any thermal performance of roof insulation is also reduced dramatically when it wet. So it is important to successfully locate any points of leakage using a moisture meter.


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